The BLACK FRIDAY OF PlayStation STORE is here, with 419 discounts on a wide range of PS4 and PS5 games and its complimentary DLC content. Live now and until November 31, the sale of the Black Friday presents not only very cheap games, but also many offers in the best and greatest games of 2021, including games for several awards at The Game Awards next month, such as Devolution, Far Cry 6, Death loop, RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE, TO DOS, RATCHET & CLANK: Rift apar’t, and Ricardo 3.

Next, you can consult all the most remarkable offers, including a list of 2021 games for sale. Each game then has a hyperlink with a link that will take you directly to its respective list of PlayStation Store. In some cases, there are two prices listed for a game, and that is because the versions of PS4 and PS5 are on sale at different prices. Meanwhile, there are also progress for some games.

That said, it is important to bear in mind that it is about limited time offers. All that appears below is correct at the time of publication, but by when you are reading this, it is possible that this is no longer the case.