Fans of Pokémon GO stands in December 2021 Great before: A two-day community-day event will bring back all community Day Pokémon of the years 2020 and 2021, special attacks included. However, this time is obviously a matter different, which requires a bit of preparation.

Feeling and the 70 hearts

Namely, during the Community Days in December, you can also develop the Pokémon Evil to Feeling, as it was already in August 2021. But the thing has a hook: because unlike the previous community day with Feeling, Ni antic will probably not reduce the number of buddy hearts that you need for development.

Normally you have to collect 70 hearts so that Evil develops to Feeling. Ni antic had reduced this sum in August to seven hearts. But the developers do not plan to develop the developers for December, as the Twitter user wants to know @GostadiumPVP by Ni antic themselves. Ni antics official statement about this:
Feeling will not receive a reduced buddy heart requirement. We advise you to work already.

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So you have to start earning the buddy hearts at an early stage when you want to develop Evil at the December Community Day to Feeling. It is impossible to collect 70 buddy hearts in one day. Potential development candidates that you are catching during the Community Days are therefore flat for development.

Basically, according to the current status:

Evil appears as a community Day Pokémon on the second day of December events, namely on 19 December 2021.
You have 2021 time until December 20 to develop Evil to Feeling.

Feeling learns the Lade Attack Psychos chock at community Day development.

Should something change at the requirements for the buddy hearts before the community day, we will inform you promptly. Who wants to go safe, should already start with collecting the hearts.

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Source: Twitter (via my-MMO)

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