[Data provided: Gravity]

Satisfied with viewers with colorful sights

Demonstration of real-time relay, demonstrating through cloud gaming, etc.

Global Game Company Gravity was a big success in Gustav 2021 and attracted his brand power and attracted attention.

Gravity runs a large-scale booth at Gustav 2021, which was held from November 17th to 21, and introduced a total of seven new entries. If you include a gravity outside your company and overseas branch, the number of entries is a total of 13 species and boasts an overwhelming scale than for you.

Especially, we opened live broadcasting pages for the first time in Stars, and the Booth League relay, new showcase, Café Dance Performance, Games Daemon Broadcasting, and Game Demonstration broadcasts, such as game demonstration broadcasting,

In the demonstration of the demonstration, we have operated a total of 60 mobile, PC, console, etc., and we received the participation of visitors. The game demonstration was also possible to administer the cloud game through collaboration with Your, and to experience the GRANITE special homepage from anywhere in the world.

In addition, Gravity revealed the video of the exhibited title on the LED screen on the main stage. Through this, we led the curiosity of visitors to new titles and made it naturally to demonstrate. It is the attention and perception of the game as it is as intact with the title of the title through the broadcast and video. As a result, in Gustav 2021, Gravity Booths were given a lot of attention between numerous booths and took a clear eyebrows to the audience.

Gravity Korea Business Group Along Seong-geun, The goal of Gravity in this Ge star 2021 was to make users who did not come to the site in addition to the visitors to visitors, and to make them feel like they came to the site with real-time live broadcasts and cloud gaming. I said, I plan to try to introduce a better game to users based on the title of being introduced in Pasta.