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Schiri boss Cheerful Zwayer whistles no BVB for the time being

Referee Felix Player will lead as a result of the fierce discussions according to the Bundesliga top game between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich (2: 3) at the beginning of December no more BVB lots. The referee boss Lutz Michael Frolic the Kicker.

It would not be responsible for my concepts in such a or comparable case to all sides to restore the same constellation again, said cheerfully, There should be some time in the country.

The debate for Player was triggered by the Dortmund er Jung star Jute Bellingham. The Englishman had broken the impartial after the game against Bayern.

It was about the past of the Berliner and his entanglement to the Holder scandal. In 2004, Player had assumed the file as wizard money from the Wirehair Robert Holder. Later, he covered the scandal, a manipulation was never detected him despite lock.

Roger Whittaker - Boss Whistler (1977)

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According to happily, the file may not reflect the actual occurrences but not correctly. Here was the statement by Robert Holder, Felix Player took money against that of Felix Player, who denied that. In this situation he accepted the verdict, said cheerfully, Whenever the process in recent years again The rolled up, Felix had emphasized me that he has not accepted any money.

Electronic Arts pays tribute to John Madden after more than 30 years of road

John Earl Madden (April 10, 1936– December 28, 2021) was an American football coach and commentator. He was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (NFL) for ten periods (1969– 1978), and helmed them to a championship in Super Bowl XI (1977). After retiring from training, he offered as a shade analyst for NFL newscasts till 2009, work for which he won 16 Sports Emmy Honors.
In 2006, Madden was inducted right into the Pro Football Hall of Popularity in acknowledgment of his training profession. He is additionally extensively known for the long-running Madden NFL video game collection, which he offered his name to, backed, and fronted from 1988. Madden worked as a shade analyst for all 4 major networks: CBS (1979– 1993), Fox (1994– 2001), ABC (2002– 2005), as well as NBC (2006– 2008). Madden retired from relaying after the 2008 NFL period. He additionally composed a number of books and functioned as a business pitchman for numerous products and sellers.

John Madden Football for Amiga by Electronic Arts
Legend of sport and television in the United States and video game icon for generations, John Madden left this world at the age of 85. In the video game industry, Electronic Arts was naturally the first to pay tribute to this personality that the whole world knew at least name.

Oakland Raiders Coach Quickly 10 years and winner of the Super Bowl in 1976 with this same team John Madden joined the world of television in 1979 to become an emblematic sports consultant on chains like CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ABC Sports and NBC Sports, regularly winning the prize of best sports analyst in Emmy. Outside the United States and the followers that American football can count in the rest of the world, John Madden’s name was mostly the one that inevitably returned each year in the games developed by Electronic Arts and since the year of grace 1988, year of the launch of the first John Madden Football on PC. At a time when Electronic Arts could cause an earthquake by giving up the FIFA name, the name of Madden has been the subject of an indefectibly alliance for more than 30 years. The story, however, wants John Madden, was not the first choice of Electronic Arts, who had suffered a refusal of the former Quarterback Joe Montana.

People always ask me if I am a coach, an analyst or a video game character. I am a coach. I have always been a coach.

John Madden during his enthronement at the Football Fame Temple in 2006

The story between EA and John Madden could even fall into the water when the latter learned that the game bearing his name was supposed to show only six or seven team players because of the technical limitations of the time. Electronic Arts finally released a game with 11 players in each camp and will meet an immediate success, even if the real takeoff of American football in video game will take place in 1990 with the exit of John Madden Football on the 16-bit of Sega. In August 2018, it was learned that the franchise Madden NFL had exceeded 130 million copies sold in the world (mainly in the United States, certainly). This year again, Madden NFL is the most sold sports game in the United States according to the data communicated by the NDP. Basketball ( NBA 2K ) and baseball ( MLB The Show ) are the other two most popular sports games every year across the Atlantic.

Today, we lost a hero. John Madden was synonymous with football for more than 50 years. His knowledge of the game had equal only the love he was wearing and that his appreciation for all those who set foot on the ground. A humble champion, an available teacher and a coach forever. Our heart and our sympathy go to the family, friends and millions of John fans. We will miss you a lot and will never be Forgotten, posted the Twitter account of the Madden NFL franchise.

Tesla makes a great change in playable video games in cars

After a software update, the Tesla cars will no longer be able to play video games while they are moving. The touch screen in the Tesla vehicles was intended to allow passengers the opportunity to play games like cup head, The Witcher 3: wild hunting, and cyberpunk 2077. However, the National Traffic Safety Administration on the roads opened an investigation into whether drivers were those who really played these games. Previously, the games were only accessible while the vehicle was parked, but that changed with an update a year ago. In a statement, the NHTSA addressed the reversal of Tesla.

After the opening of a preliminary assessment of ‘Passenger Play’ of Tesla, Tesla informed the agency that is changing the functionality of this function, said a spokesman for the NHTSA in a statement. Provided CNN. «In a new software update, ‘Passenger Play’ will now be blocked and unusable when the vehicle is moving».

Even if passengers are the ones who play on the automotive touch screen, the NHTSA expressed concern that could distract the driver and increase the risk of a shock. Given the animated that some players can be when they play, it’s not hard to imagine the distraction that could be! Passengers can always choose to use portable game devices, and systems screens such as Nintendo Switch or Pocket Analogue would be much less visible to drivers. The research of the NHTSA about Passenger Play was driven by a complaint of an anonymous owner of Tesla. The complaint referred to both the accessibility of video games and web browsing.

Video games are supposedly restricted only to passengers. Web browsing is available for anyone at any time, is read in the complaint. «Why can a manufacturer create a live video intrinsically distractor that occupies 2/3 on the screen in which the driver trusts for all the information of the vehicle? The NHTSA should prohibit all live videos in the front seat and all live interactive web browsing while the car is moving. Create a dangerous distraction for the driver is reckless and negligent.

CNN notes that the NHTSA is also investigating the TESLA vehicles by accidents that involve automatic pilot options, insinuating that drivers distracted by video games could rely too much on those options, which are supposed to be used only when the driver remains conscious and maintains Both hands on the steering wheel.. It is not clear if there is any connection, but the Tesla decision to limit the function of the video game could make a difference!

Are you the owner of a Tesla? What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games.

Silent Hill Clarified Tease by Guillermo del Toro

NEW SILENT HILL Teased by Guillermo Del Toro & Kojima at The Game Awards 2021?!
Video Kolyma (小島 秀夫, Kolyma Video, born August 24, 1963) is a Japanese computer game developer, supervisor, manufacturer as well as writer.
Regarded as an auteur of computer game, he established a solid enthusiasm for action/adventure movie theater and literature during his youth and also teenage years. In 1986, he was worked with by INAMI, for which he designed as well as wrote Metal Equipment (1987) for the MSX2, a game that laid the structures for stealth games and the Steel Gear collection, his ideal known and most appreciated jobs. He is probably best understood for his style deal with Metal Equipment Solid (1998) for PlayStation. He is likewise understood for producing the Area of the Enters collection, along with creating and creating Snatcher (1988) and also Policenauts (1994), graphic journey video games concerned for their cinematic discussion.
In 2005, Kolyma started Kolyma Productions, a software application residence managed by INAMI, and also he was selected vice president of INAMI Digital Entertainment in 2011. In 2015, Kolyma Productions divided from INAMI, ending up being an independent studio. Their initial game, Fatality Stranding, was launched in 2019. Kolyma has actually additionally added to Rolling Stone, writing columns regarding the similarities and distinctions between films and also computer game.

Earlier this month, during The Game Awards, the famous Film Director Guillermo del Too made some new comments that led some fanatics to believe that a new Silent Hill game of Video Kolyma could be in process. Previously, from the Too and Kolyma collaborated in Colin as silent before the project was discarded by INAMI after the departure of Kolyma of the company in 2015. Even though the game has been able for more than six years, many have followed waiting for silent schools Someday it could end up resurrected. Unfortunately, the bull has now made it clear that the comments he made during The Game Awards were not indicative of a resurgence.

In a new conversation about the happy confused in the podcast, he asked about the bull if he was making fun of something related to Silent Hill during The Game Awards. In summary, the bull made it clear that he was not, and instead he was just trying to have fun. Not at all. Look, it’s just one of those things in my life that does not make sense. But I just wanted to tickle INAMI a bit, he explained. He continued saying that he still regrets that silent schools, it never came to fruition, largely because he had high hopes about it. I do not understand, that was so perfect, he said about the canceled title. The game, what we were going to do, was so exciting.

Despite silent schools, being closed by INAMI, the bull still had nothing more than good things to say about the time of him working with Kolyma. But Kolyma is one of the guys who are filmmaker. […] I love talking with filmmakers and narrators, he said. Despite this love by the Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, of the Bull, he also recognized that he does not see himself working again in video games. The games, as an exercise of narration, fascinates me, said of the bull. I would not develop a game again because I am the albatross of the video games. But I am very intrigued by the devices and how you learn them.

At this time, it remains to be seen if INAMI is really working on a new Silent Hill game. While rumors and reports have continued circulating for years at this point, all these conjectures have never given rise to a new delivery of the series. Perhaps, if we are lucky, however, 2022 will end up being the year in which the beloved terror franchise ends up making a return.

Steam Halo Infinite Forza Horizon 5 and Battlefield 2042 made a sensation in November

Farming Simulator is a series of agricultural simulation video clip games created by Switzerland Giants Software, and released by the French firm Focus House Interactive from 2008 to 2020. These games imitate the ranch management of a farm by permitting the reproduction of Pets, farming within a ranch, the sale of crops or forestry (appeared in the 2015 version).
These games service Windows, Mac, Stadia, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Collection, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita as well as Nintendo Switch Over.
The franchise business is birthed in 2008 with its first episode, later named Farming Simulator Classic. In 2011, the certificate arrives in France via its third episode which delights in a substantial business success, till the starting point in the category of the most offered video games of the year. Ultimately, 2 years later on, the franchise business knows its golden age with Farming Simulator 14, which, many thanks to its free-to-play economic version and its compatibility computer/ Consoles/ Mobile, complete greater than 50 million downloads, Absolute record and also still unrivaled for the certificate.
At the end of 2020, after several criticisms addressed by the players targeted at the lack of revival of the franchise, Giants Software application introduces announces its annual game exit system to concentrate on adding web content to the last piece dated. On April 22, 2021, the author introduces the launch of the following version for the exact same year.

As every month, Valve unveiled the list of novelties that have met the most success on Steam. This palmier brings together the best new outings based on the turnover achieved during the first 2 weeks after launching. Valve publishing games in disorder, this ranking has been arranged by us according to the number of evaluations.

Already very prominent on Steam for some time with titles like Sea of ​​Thieves, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Age of Empires 4, this month of November marks the consecration of Xbox Game Studios in As long as PC video game power thanks to the smashing success of Halo Infinite and FORA HORIZON 5. As a return to the sources for Microsoft, who already produced PC games in the 90s long before thinking about the Xbox project. Placed between the two big AGS games, Battlefield 2042 would have liked to participate in the party, but its catastrophic assessments invite it rather to return discreetly at work.

The results of
GK Award 2021 are here!

See the results

This month of November also marked the debut of two studios in the world of self-publishing: Giants Software with Farming Simulator 22 and Frog wares with Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The first meeting certainly much more success than the second, but no worries for Frog wares who had been congratulated the record launch of his investigation game. Same thing for agricultural simulation, by the way.

It is now common, China is still well represented with the FPS Bright Memory: Infinite but also Fate Seeker II and Montage. It’s a little minus the case of Japan this month, which just points the tip of its nose at the bottom of the RPG FINAL FANTASY V Pixel Remaster and Blue Reflection: Second Light.

Finally, Unpacking and Ex One are distinguished with their original concepts while Ruined King: A League of Legends Story has created the surprise going out without shouting station.

The best releases of November 2021 on Steam

This ranking brings together the novelties of September having realized the best turnover during the first 2 weeks after their release. The order was arranged by us according to the number of evaluations. For this reason, games previously available in anticipated access are not included.

HALO INFINITE XBOX GAME STUDIOS | 112 889 Ratings (79% positive)
Battlefield 2042 Electronic Arts | 78,646 Reviews (33% positive)
Fora Horizon 5 Xbox Game Studios | 46 177 Ratings (86% positive)
Bright Memory: Infinite Play ism | 20,715 Reviews (93% positive)
Farming Simulator 22 Giants Software | 12,676 evaluations (85% positive)
Fate Seeker II JSL Entertainment | 6,604 ratings (91% positive)
Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Riot Forge | 6 022 Reviews (89% positive)
Football Manager 2022 Sega | 5,452 Reviews (92% positive)
JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION 2 Soft star | 5,310 Ratings (78% positive)
Dismantle 10tons | 4,548 ratings (93% positive)
UNPACKING Humble Games | 4,220 (92% positive)
Montage XD Network | 2 212 Reviews (95% positive)
Ex One Expletive | 2,058 ratings (92% positive)
The Last Stand: Aftermath Armor Games Studios | 1,975 Reviews (84% positive)

Tavern Master Whisper games | 1,878 Reviews (93% positive)
Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Frog wares | 682 evaluations (87% positive)

Halo Infinite is better than Battlefield 2042
Blue Reflection: Second Light Model Digital | 282 Ratings (94% positive)

Fobia St Dymphna Hotel Psychological Horror Game appears 2022 for console and PC

Maximum Games announced today that the psychological horror game FOIA: St. Dining Hotel is published next year for Xbox, PlayStation and PC via Steam.

FOBIA - St. Dinfna Hotel - Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Psychological Horror Game)

The game is developed by Pulsar Studios from São Paulo, which send you with FOIA on a captivating trip full of tension and investigations that starts in a decadent hotel that is controlled by a technologically advanced sect.

The sect preaches the combination of science and religion and secretly conducts experiments to improve people who involve genetic changes and parallel realities.

FOIA: St. Dining Hotel Screenshots

Past, present and future collide in a scenario full of puzzles, secrets and conspirators. In search of the truth, you have to explore the different worlds with the camera and defend you against creatures that the hotel corridors besieged and fight for survival.

A demo can already be downloaded and played via Steam.

Matchwinner Modeste Cologne beats the VFB Stuttgart late

With the eleven, which also started at the 3-2 victory in Wolfsburg, the FC reflected in the initial phase of the offensive temperament of his coach Steffen Rampart. However, this should have annoyed that two early hits of his team did not find recognition: When supposedly guided tour, temp orator encoder Keying had played the ball with his hand (3rd), a little later, the Frenchman came out of the offside, marriage Scrub slot (10.).

The Stuttgart guests went with Zurich and Klimowicz instead of Kemp (Bank) and Razor (cold) compared to the 0: 5 against FC Bayern at least personnel offensive. But really dangerous was rare after his switching actions on imprecise CFB in the first round. Klimowicz missed the short corner (12th), Forster chased the ball freestanding to the upper rank (18th).

1. FC Köln - VfB Stuttgart 1-0 | Highlights | Matchday 17 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Light advantages all in all the households — and above all the better chances. The best awarded four minutes before the break of modest, who could not decisively press his header after heavy preliminary work by Keying (41.).

Modest leaves a lot — and still meets

After the restart, first the CFB announced the sound. The Swabia were more active, which was not associated with goal’s risk. For Marmots, the angles became pointed (51.) — the only Stuttgart chance in this phase.

Then Rampart engaged with a triple change, which should affect the statics of the game early. Modest approached three times after good stages (58., 65., 73.), but also on this page a goal remained.

At the end of the year, Matarazzo also moved threefold, which the choosing game of the guests busy again. This remained unemployed in too many aspects, so that the chances otherwise happened on the other side: Utah headed past (83rd), but excluding modest after a great freewheeling behavior shortly before the end exactly to the corner (88.).

Cologne, which celebrated the first Bundesliga home win against CFB since 2000, plays again at Bertha BSC after the short winter break on Sunday, 9 January. Stuttgart, which winters in place 16, is already in Fürth on Saturdays (15.30 clock).

Sportsman of the year 2021 Zverev and Mihambo triumph

The 75 is no round number, but it stands for anniversaries. The 75th election of the athletes of the year was such a special one. As a result, this is full of Malika Mambo. The long-jumper conquered with the last sentence on exactly 7.00 meters in Tokyo Olympic Gold and again the hearts of fans such as those skilled in the art. It is a sportswoman of the year for the third time. Steffi Graf (Tennis) and Ulrike Earth (high jump), both icons not only of their disciplines, were four times in a row.

Celebrations celebrated the German sport because of the Corona pandemic, as 2020 again. The mood was pressed for twelve months with changeable conditions. But 2021 did not lack outstanding achievements.

Top 5 Tennis Tearjerkers of the 2021 Season
TennisProfi Alexander Zeal was historically successful with the gold medal. As expected, the members in the Association of German Sports Journalists (VS) chose him to the athlete of the year.

Railroad foursome is team of the year

They also appreciated the railway fours of the cyclists. Lisa Klein, Mike Kroger, Lisa Brenner and Franziska Brick raced with three world records for the Olympic Gold, became world and European champions. Unique! And how also suitable for the 75th choice of the best, which should also be role models.

Eichner to Rostock We were not good enough for that

German Americans (German: Deutschamerikaner) are residents of the USA that are of German ancestry; they form the biggest ethnic ancestry group in the United States, accounting for 17% of U.S. populace. The initial substantial numbers gotten here in the 1680s in New York City as well as Pennsylvania. Some eight million German immigrants have gone into the USA because that factor. Migration proceeded in substantial numbers throughout the 19th century; the biggest variety of arrivals relocated 1840– 1900, when Germans formed the biggest team of immigrants coming to the U.S., surpassing the Irish and also English. Some showed up seeking religious or political liberty, others for financial chances higher than those in Europe, and others for the possibility to begin afresh in the New Globe. California and Pennsylvania have the largest populations of German beginning, with greater than six million German Americans staying in both states alone. Greater than 50 million individuals in the United States recognize German as their ancestry; it is often blended with other Northern European ethnic cultures. This listing likewise includes individuals of German Jewish descent.
Americans of German descent reside in almost every American county, from the East Coastline, where the initial German settlers gotten here in the 17th century, to the West Shore and also in all the states in between. German Americans and also those Germans that worked out in the U.S. have been influential in almost every area, from scientific research, to architecture, to amusement, as well as to industrial industry.

Either looked at the press conference after 2: 2 against Hans Rostock quite eaten slightly if the finished two points. Especially the initial phase annoyed the coach, as the start had already been sleeping in the previous week against Dagenham. We seem to have no lessons from the game, says Either, who had seen a deserved compensation for the opponent in the final phase — even due to the weak second half of his KSC.

are completely right in this area

The opponent has invested more and played a clear football. Luck we had already last week on our side, but we were not good enough today, the coach of the Karlsruhe, which after 18 playing with 25 points ranked ten of the table Find.

Given the difficult personnel location a justified placement for the Either protégé? With all the setbacks we suffered the last half year, we played a decent, decent first season of the season. We are completely right in this area.

The head is sometimes more important than the body


The 39-year-old hopes that the personnel situation improved in the Christmas days, and he can go out in a new year as good as it is great. Therefore, the Baden also increases — in contrast to many other second division teams — again in the training business in the coming year.

The head is sometimes more important than the body. I wish my guys that they appear in full strength. Therefore, we decided to release the team the complete old year, says Either. His coaching team and he expects the players on 2 January again on the training ground. Stick in the new year is less than two weeks later, on 15 January (20.30 clock) at the Böllenfalltor.

The critical role reveals the nine new subclasses in the Configuration Guide for the Tal dorei Reborn campaign

ROL Critics provided the fans with an advance of the nine subclasses that will appear in their next tail’Dora reborn, book. Today, Critical Role revealed that it will launch the Configuration Guide for the Tail’Dora Reborn campaign next month, which will provide exhaustive updates for the Tail’Dora region. While the official press release for the announcement included the news that the book would include nine new subclasses, the Harrington Press blog page provided additional details about what these subclasses would be. According to the publication of the BLOG, Tail’Dora reborn campaign in the following nine subclasses:

Barbara: Road del Juggernaut
Bard: College of Tragedy
Cleric: blood domain

Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap-Up

Clergy: Lunar domain
Druid: Circle of contagious
Monk: Cobalt soul path
Sorcerer: Rune child
Palate: oath of the open sea
Magician: blood magic

In addition, each of these nine subclasses will receive their own iconic character designed by the illustrator Lauren Walsh. Two of these iconic characters are the cleric of the Lunar Nays dearth domain and the firm circle of the ruined Druid Camellia Spring shower.

Of the nine subclasses listed above, four are new and have never been published. The oath of the open sea paladin is new in the tail’Dora reborn campaign, but was previously shared by mercer after its debut as a new subclass used by the character of Travis Willing ham, Fjord during the campaign 2. Others were previously published in the original. Social campaign of Tail’Dora Guide, who is now exhausted.

In addition to the subclasses listed above, the new book will provide details about what happened to Tail’Dora during the twenty-year period between campaign 1 (which was developed mainly at Tail’Dora) and the Campaign 2. Also included are new Traditions and updates. Statistics blocks for each member of Vox Machine, magical objects (including legendary diverge vestments) and dozens of creature statistics blocks, as well as a guide of all the main regions of Tail’Dora. A drop-down map of 18 «x 24» will also be included with each copy.

The campaign configuration book was created by the main designers Matthew Mercer, Hannah Rose and James Hack. Additional contributions were made by Critics The members of the cast Laura Bailey, Taliesin Gaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O’Brien, Marisha Ray, Sam Rigel and Travis Willing ham; as well as John Stavropoulos and Maria Year.

Reach of the scenario of the Tail’Dora campaign will be launched on January 18, 2022.

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