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Recently, Amazon Game Studios Update 1.1.1 had released for the MMO New World. Although it was not a very big patch, but at least had some fixes and optimizations in the luggage. For a better mood within the community, the update is probably not, because it shows anything but enthusiastic.

New World, Update drives players on the barricades

Especially at reddit.com, the players from New World can currently be over the latest as well as the previous updates of the MMOs. According to the user’s name Thetitanhyperion, the last four patches did not have much more done much more than eliminating bugs that had previously appeared through other updates.

In addition, the developer team had worsened the Grind and the endgame not only harder, but also less rewarding.

There are approvals from many other users. Among other things, they can not understand why developers have carried out very unpopular changes in crafting on the one hand, but at the same time do not get the Dupe problem from New World to the handle.

It was certainly also players who do not face the latest changes so negative and even welcome some of them. Overall, the last updates have not necessarily helped to improve the mood fundamentally.

What does the fans expect soon in New World?

Perhaps Amazon Game Studios has one or the other ace in the sleeve to rouse the rudder in the foreseeable future. In addition to further updates, the developer team is probably planning a large-scale winter event that could soon be started. Concrete details in this regard should not be able to wait a long time.

Source: reddit.com

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