All is not yet official, but the transfer market League of Legends is being all crazy. While things have also moved into Asia with China and South Korea, the Western market has not been left out. In Europe, between KC Reckless Fanatic still turns everything upside down and Vitality Team is building a team to take up arms, we are not at all boring. However, everything has been happiness during this transfer period, as several large legendary players of the competitive scene have fallen out. With the information we have today, we have made a list of the 5 major Western players forgotten but potentially transferable. Black Friday is over, but there are still great deals available on the market in the West.

Jensen once again overshadowed by Bergen

During most of his career, Jensen was exceeded by Bergen; the two players have a lot in common: They are Europeans, they are Danes emigrated to the United States and play in the Midland. We must recognize that the old icon TSM has often won most of the tournaments. With the withdrawal of Bergen, it was thought that Jensen had a free hand to finally throw down this myth, but the concern is that the retired is back and also returning to competition has bitten the position of Jensen in Team Liquid. The fate persists, and although he had lengthened the end of 2020 with a juicy contract, he will have to wait on the bench.

Why you not have teamed he ? It is certainly debatable, but Jensen suffers from comparison with Bergen. While money is not a big problem in NA, the contract it was not enough to protect it from the main competition.
Why you are a quality player? Jensen is very experienced and has played quite internationally. He would be good for any team in the LCS and could find it quickly in the first team if Bergen ever disappoints.

Risky, the strangest case of all

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I really do not know how to call this case, as we doubt whether it is a scandal, a crime or misconduct. How Midland Risky is without a starting spot next year? Last Worlds were hard for him and Fanatic, but 2021 is still more than satisfactory. The Belgian has shown that he has the level to succeed in both NA (Cloud9) and EU and the international experience of it (2 participation in Worlds ) is also invaluable. At 23, he is still relatively young and profile it is very interesting on paper. But we have the impression that Fanatic and Cloud9, the last two teams it, have given the word to spoil the transfer market it. Orange and black structure decided it aside to make room for Humanoid. It is when C9 pledged to buy back the contract it, but the operation would have missed 50 thousand dollars for a player like Risky. The Belgian lost time and then no more space left in LEC or LCS.

Why he does not have equipment? Because Fanatic and C9 made it very sold.
Why is a quality player? Gifted, popular, positive and experienced. Free flowing qualities when it comes to Risky.

soap, an old soldier waiting for an opportunity

soap is the history of competitive League of Legends. Either with Fanatic or origin, marked the history of European league and has represented our region in Worlds on numerous occasions and many of his actions are anchored forever in the memory of fans of esports. If we are forced to admit that the last two experiences of him as a player it went wrong (Misfits Gaming and Immortals), in view of past achievements it is not enough to put everything into question. French veteran announced the start of the transfer window he was looking for a new team after having trained LDC OF for one year. So far, the search seems complicated, since soap still has not signed for a team, or have not even worse, had not a rumor to get into the mouth. Whether in LEC, LFL or Div 2, the mystery remains unsolved. Hopefully for the player, it will be unlocked at the end for him.

Why he does not have equipment? soap now 27 years and we can imagine that this discourages many structures. Moreover, the last time we saw him at the top was in 2018, so he is getting a bit dated.
Why is a recruit quality? his experience, his motivation and weight of it in marketing. If we understand that some teams may have reservations LEC, a team of the LFL would have every interest in betting on it.

Svenskeren, demanding but not particularly attractive

The Danes Jungle recently explained in the networks that had no team to start 2022. Even if Svenskeren is no longer as famous as before, coincidentally is a small earthquake in the competitive scene since all seasons had begun with a Holder position from season 3, either in EU or NA. But after his good years in TSM or Cloud9, it is true that he is losing moment impulse in Evil Geniuses, who despite having important economic resources has not managed to hang a Top 3 and participation in the worlds. At 25, he is no longer very young and nobody in the LCS wanted to offer him an opportunity. While we could have thought of a retreat, the player still seems motivated to find a new challenge, but he still has some requirements.

Why does not he has a team? Svenskeren is again seen in the LCS and many structures prefer to bet by new blood. Also, even if he surely he could have looked for a place in LEC or Era, the Danish announced that he really wanted to play in Na. Therefore, the requirement did not necessarily help him in his research.
Why is it a quality player? The jungle has a lot of experience and can train young players. If it is not as extravagant as before, and we know what to expect from him, a team looking for the midfield to advance his young women would do well to resort to him.

Seizure, the most beloved by the people and the least loved by the teams

The life of a professional player is not a long and quiet river. Seizure He made the Europe apogee with Team Vitality and we remember his wonderful year 2018 with which he competed the World Cup next to the bees. More than the talent of him, the fans also appreciated the personality and endearing character of him. We think that he would become an indisputable heavyweight on stage, but the Italian wanted to go to try his luck in Na. 2 years later, the record is hard: he could not qualify for the World Cup, he added a title to the record of him and was even pushed into the bench on several occasions by GoldenGlue. The last years of him were not really bright, and he today is found without a team. Whether in Na or in the EU, it is possible that he has lost himself the opportunity of him, and we really do not know who could offer him an opportunity.

Why does he have no team? Like many players from this list, Seizure is no longer very young (25 years old) and has already had the opportunity of him several times. But as he himself points, this year the market of Midlands was totally crazy. Several great players stayed on the bench and Seizure is not an isolated case. He is also the third Midland of our catalog.
Why is it a quality recruit? Izuku is not as bright as he used to be, but he is still a solid and experienced player. And when we look at the last split, the statistics of him are far from being ridiculous: 11 games with Lucian with a victory rate of 72.7% and a DA of 4.5. 5 Maps with Rye with a victory rate of 100% and 5.3 DA. 4 games with Twisted Fate with 75% Win rate and 5.5 DA.

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