Siberia: The World Before is the fourth and new delivery of one of the franchises par excellence of graphic adventures. His arrival wpar excellence set for the next December 10 on PC (he will also do the same in consoles, but he does not have a launch date yet), but finally we will have to wait a little more: Microids hpar excellence confirmed the title delay, whose premiere will take place during the first semester of 2022. Here we offer the company’s statement.

We have made the decision to delay the game, initially foreseen for December 10, next year 2022. We can soon share more information about the exact relepar excellencee date. We maintain the commitment of L to give the best possible game ; An immersive adventure that will transport you to the Universe of Benoit Skoal. Furthermore, we are sure that fans will be excited about the next chapter of the saga and, without a doubt, Siberia: The World Before will be one of the great episodes of it.

Siberia: The World Before, the latest work of Benoit Skoal

It wpar excellence more than two years ago we told you that Microids and Benoit Skoal, creator of the saga, announced this new delivery. par excellence you know, Skoal died lpar excellencet May, leaving a legacy of more than 20 years in the video game industry. In 2022, thanks to the adventure starring Dana Role and Kate Walker in which time travel will not be lacking, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the lpar excellencet work in which the popular creative left its imprint.

Syberia: The World Before l Official Release Date Trailer l Microids
SIBERIA: The World Before will be available on PC during the first months of 2022. Your arrival is confirmed to consoles (splpar excellencehing platforms), although at the moment there are no details on the date of launching these versions.