The DUB selection prevailed on Saturday about 550 spectators in Gloria against Slovakia easily with 36:22 (17:12) and now has 4: 0 points in the group E. Best throwers for those superior in all matters DUB women were Alina Grijseels with six goals and Make Schmoozer (5). Each four goals called Ante Lauenroth, Xenia Smith and Johanna Stock Sledges.

In the last preliminary round match against Hungary Next Monday, the team of national coach Hank Greener next to the group victory is mainly a good starting position for the further tournament course, as the result is taken.

The German team started highly concentrated and quickly led 5: 1 after six minutes. But in this rhythm, it was not going on, because some unconcentrities seized. At 6: 5 (11th), Slovakia was back.

Schmoozer is constantly causing danger

Overall, the DUB team had the opponent who had already been conquered at 32:25 just before the World Cup, but secure under control. The defense acted similarly aggressively as in the clear starting victory against the Czech Republic and took a lot of work a lot of work from Dinah Eberle.

The attack ran a lot over the circle where Schmoozer constantly produced unrest, and the outside. In the first round, especially Lauenroth proved very accurate. So it went with a comfortable five-goal lead in the half-time break.

Even after the change, the DUB women laid a turbo start and quickly expanded the lead to nine goals (22: 13/36.). Greener switched through again and gave all players important atmospheres.

Showpiece remained the defense with a very good goalkeeper Katharina filter behind it. The World Cup debutant showed several gloss parades and led many fast counterattacks, which often led to success. Eight minutes before the end, the lead at 32:18 was even 14 goals. The rest was at the run for the German team.

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Slovakia — Germany 22:36 (12:17)

Slovakia: Vanilla, Oguntoyova — Baclava 4/1, Bizikova 4/3, Lance 3, Trunk ova 3, Moldova 2, Stefania 2, Kharkov 2, Batik 1, Pocsikova 1, Bujnochova, Quinoa, Dakota, Popovcova, Rubicon
Germany: Eberle (Team Esther), Filter (Buxtehude SV) — Grijseels (Borussia Dortmund) 6/1, Schmoozer (CS Gloria 2018) 5, Lauenroth (SG BBM Bietigheim) 4, SMITH (SG BBM Bietigheim) 4, Stockholder (Neckarsulm SU) 4/1, calf (Us Memmingen) 3, Maid of (SG BBM Bietigheim) 3, Schulz (SG BBM Bietigheim) 2, Shock (Borussia Dortmund) 2, Berger (Borussia Dortmund) 1, Brons-Petersen (Us Memmingen) 1, Book (Ferencvarosi TC) 1, Anti (Buxtehude SV), Stole (Ferencvarosi TC)
Referee: Book Too (South Korea) / Seek Lee (South Korea); Criminal minutes: 6/6; Disqualification: /