The League of Legends Savers Market continues to talk that even knowing that most signings are almost made, as well as very highlighted rumors that virtually confirm a transfer. Well, this time we talked about an idyllic situation in one of the most important teams of LPL as it is Invictus Gaming, who was World Champion in 2018 After convincing Fanatic in the final. Although some players of that time are not in the club like Jackal, the great pillars of that tournament are still leading the club, so far.

After several years of being a tremendously dominant team in LPL and a respectable club since he won the world, almost all his roster will disappear completely for 2022. The players who have just stayed out of the list of Invictus gaming are:

King The shy Seung-Lok
GAO King Henning
Song Rookie BUILTIN
Zhang Wink RUN
Ding puff Wang
Your South wind Philip

Invictus Gaming vs Team Liquid - Game 4 | Semi Final LoL MSI 2019 | IG vs TL G4

In turn, the current coach called the situation of horror movie, since the team’s situation changed drastically over the past few months and has commented that everything is about to exploit. It seems that Invictus Gaming will be completely crumbled these months and will have to start practically from zero after several years dominating the panorama although disappointing the last seasons by not being able to qualify for the world despite the good game.

According to the coach himself, he said that he spoke these days with Rookie to know his current situation since he is a free agent: Rookie seemed to be out of yes (…) IG was negotiating with thesis and Rookie, but everything seems to be They will leave the club (…) I am almost sure that they will stay at the LPL as they are very loved by the Chinese community and do not want to abandon them.