RoboCop is an American science fiction movie from 1987. The suggestion of the Cyborg policeman for his first manuscript had Edward Neubauer at the set of the Science Film Blade Jogger (1982), where he is an assisting during shooting worked. The satirical dystopia is the very first directorial job Paul Verboten in the U.S.A.
The Police Officer Alex Murphy is extremely killed and awakens in the body of a robotic to brand-new life. As almost undesirable RoboCop he supplies the police solution before he uncovered his former identification and turns to the look for his killers. The leader of the gang, which manages components of the abyss, however is with a corrupt vice head of state of the Group under a ceiling, which built RoboCop. To secure on your own, Opalize Dick Jones manipulated programming of the police robotic.
Because of the violence, RoboCop launched the German cinemas on January 7, 1988, in a censored variation. The film was extracted from the index at the end of 2013, which was additionally supplied by the well-tougher Supervisor’s Cut only because January 2014 in the profession in the profession. After the success of manufacturing at the cinematic, two more extensions, in addition to two character technique collection (1988/1998), one TV series (1994) and also a miniseries. One month after the launch of the initial version, José Padilla’s brand-new recording RoboCop showed up in February 2014.

The screen of the Nintendo Switch was too small many players. Fortunately, the display of the new OLED switch is greater. But who himself is not enough, the Nintendo console can now turn into a real monster thanks to a new gadget.

Orion: When the switch suddenly takes anabolic

Turning EVERYTHING (PS4/Xbox/PC) into the Switch

For a classic handheld console, the Nintendo Switch is already quite large — at least if you compare them with alternatives such as the PlayStation Portable or the Nintendo DS. Nevertheless, some players of the 6.2 and 7 inches large screen of the Nintendo console seems to be too small — Andes can definitely not explain this gadget.

The Indiegogo Project Orion is a very special switch dock, which turns the Nintendo handheld into a true knocker with a 11.6-inch screen. Thus, the switch is almost growing to the size of a small laptop. But even if the concept may sound absurd at first glance, it seems to be announced with some players. The crowdfunding campaign was already able to collect over 110,000 euros from almost 250 customers.

But what exactly is Orion at all? Basically, the apparatus is a portable monitor, which has been optimized for using the Nintendo Switch. So the console can be plugged directly after the display into a slot that connects to the screen. There are also rails on both sides of the huge monitor in which the Joy-CONS can accommodate.

Also, on the sound was thought. Thus, either the stereo speakers of the screen can be used or headphones are plugged. So that you can play with your switch as long as possible at the piece with your switch, will be attached to a power bank on the back, which is connected via USC-C to the Orion, which also supplies the switch over it.

Orion look at Indiegogo

More features and price of the switch screen

But the screen can not only be used with the switch. Thanks to the integration of an HDMI port, Orion can also be used as second screen for laptop users or used with a game console or other player. A kickstand on the back should prevent the overturning of the monitor.

Technical data to the monitor can not be found on the main side of the crowdfunding campaign, but will not be revealed in the comment area. To set the developers on the screen on a IPS panel, with a native resolution of 720p. The device itself weighs about 730 grams, including matching Powerbank increases the weight to about a kilogram. Considering that the switch with Joy-Cons also brings 400 grams to the scales, one ends up at the overall construction at about 1.4 kilograms — anything but a lightweight.


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Daniel Carat

Those who are actually considering getting one of the monitors must be properly grabbed into their pocket. On Indiegogo, some early early-bird packages are available for the price of about 220 euros. The first orders should already be delivered.