The DFB control board has sentenced Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham after its controversial statement in the direction of the referee Felix Player following the 2-3 defeat against FC Bayern last Saturday in the individual judicial procedure according to the indictment of prosecution to a fine of 40,000 euros. This announced the association on Tuesday.

The DFB spoke in his judgment founded by an unsportsmanual behavior. To a barrier, which was also for discussion, the English Younger comes around. After a preliminary investigation against Bellingham was initiated on Monday, the player himself had to submit an opinion. Now the verdict was taken to which the BVB has already agreed and thus legally binding.

You give a referee who was involved in game manipulations, the most important game of Germany. What do you expect?, Bellingham had said shortly after the final whistle to the performance of referee Felix Player, who awarded the FC Bayern a much discussed penal meter and one of the BVB such in two cases had denied.

With this statement, Bellingham played on the betting scandal from the year 2005, when Player belonged to the Berlin referees who brought the former referee Robert Holder to the former referee Robert Holder. Player was also locked for six months because he did not register the game manipulations of Holder and also took it against Welder Bremen II 300 Euro from Holder before a game of Wuppertal SV.

Jude Bellingham: Police investigate Borussia Dortmund midfielder's comments on referee Felix Zwayer
Graphs vs. Player: Balance did not vote

On the other hand, the adoption of the referee observer Marco Haas from Hamburg, which reimbursed this against Bellingham and ex-arbitraries Manuel Graph. This was forwarded by the police Dortmund to the prosecutor’s office, it goes to insult, despite and slander. Galleys had said after the game in the IDF SportStudio: I can absolutely understand the trouble of the Dortmund. The decisions have been charged from BVB and unfortunately playing. In Players line, the balance did not vote.

Graphed belonged to the group of those persons who have uncovered the Holder scandal. Although Player was never proven a game manipulation concretely, yet Grade 2020 made clear in the wait magazine: Anyone who has accepted money and Holders manipulation has concealed half a year should not whistle a professional football.

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Similarly, the former referee Urs Meier in conversation with Spot and Goal said: If I had been referee boss at the DFB and had given it a referee who had accepted money, he would never have been referees with me. There would be a zero tolerance.