League of Legends’ Shatter fielder market is still very hot, although it is true that most of the templates have been confirmed for the 2022 season. Well, not everything are transfers from players from one team to another, but That also of people who confirm that they stay on the team for many years. It is the case of Rasmus Caps Winter, who has just announced that he has renewed for 4 years more by the group of G2 ESPORTS and almost will marry the Samurai up to 2025.

How G2 Esports dominates the LEC

The one who has been one of the best players of the past seasons and consecutive double finalist of the League of Legends worldwide in 2018 and 2019 will attempt to finish the task once and for all and get international glory. Ocelot wants to trust him and believe that he can be the worthy of Luka Perez Periodic, who has been the best player in the franchise until now and that after his departure the samurai have not managed to win a regional tournament or International, so the remodeling of G2 ESPORTS will be captained by the Midland Danish.

As a team captain (with a clear respect to Jungle Janos for being the most longer of the club), it will try to drive the youngest of the team as Victor Flanked Viola as Rookie or will recon code the most experienced as Raphaël Targamamas Crabbe or Bergen Broken Blade Celia to try to return to the best moments of G2 Esports when they reached international glory by winning the only Western MSI in 2019 and reaching a final that same year and doing Something historical We will have to see if the CAPS level goes up for the next seasons and let’s see the semi-Spanish team at the top of the international panorama after a year full of disappointments in each lane.