Ubisoft is a French computer game author headquartered in Montreuil, established in March 1986 by the Guillemot brothers. Given that its establishment, Ubisoft has actually turned into one of the biggest computer game publishers, and also it has the largest in-house development group, with more than 19,000 staff members functioning in over 40 studios. While Ubisoft set up many in-house studios itself, such as Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Montpellier as well as Ubisoft Paris, the company also acquired a number of studios, such as Substantial Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment, Reflections Interactive and FreeStyleGames. Ubisoft’s studios typically coordinate with each various other in their projects, sharing various growth obligations. 2014’s Assassin’s Creed Unity saw 10 workshops globally work together.

Ubisoft has had things in his plate lately. They decided to add NFT to their games. They lost Dan Hay in November, one of the authors of the Far Cry series. And, the most controversial, they had some problems with regard to their work environment, to the point that employees request assistance from the public. Fortunately, it does not seem as serious as the situation of Blizzard Activision lately. But it’s not great either.

The direction of Ubisoft thinks, however, that it makes progress, despite the difficulties. They have already assured that there were salary increases in the main office. And in an interview with Axis, the Director of Human Resources of Ubisoft, Anika Grant, talked about the situation and what they did to improve their workplace. According to Grant, because of the lack of transparency on the conduct of investigations, people have lost confidence because of non-communication. And for this reason, Grant undertakes to have a better follow-up when it comes to investigations by declaring: It’s something right now we are 100% concentrated on repair.

It is very pleasant to hear, especially when I’m learned that Ubisoft has exceeded his goal of hiring 24% more women with 32% over the past year. But that’s all, it seems, good to hear. Later in the interview, Grant refuses to comment on the accusation of brewing of managers known for abuse or harassment at work within the company. In addition, Grant contradicted that if team members can speak publicly about their workplace experiences, people involved in surveys are invited to keep things silent protein the integrity of the process and the process. Rights of all persons involved.
I recognize it’s a long trip, said Grant. I know we’re not where we want to be. But I think we are seeing progressive improvements every day.
It’s hard to say if it mitigates public relations or if it’s the truth. Abetterubisoft has issued a statement about the interview, and they are clearly not satisfied, saying Ubisoft’s senior management has very clearly communicated through his actions that it is determined to keep the control total on Decisions concerning security policy and reports, and on the execution of new processes as a black box..

Abetterubisoft workers promise to stick to their weapons and their same requirements, which amounts to having a say in Ubisoft. But it seems, for the moment, that the direction of Ubisoft finds this difficult question.

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