Just like its big brother, World of Tanks, there is the Holy Trinity even in World of Warships quite some time. World of Warships for the PC, World of Warships Legends for consoles and World of Warships flash for mobile devices. But that will soon change. For developer War gaming has recently announced that World of Warships Legends will soon be available for mobile devices.

Thus, the Belarusian developers responded, is that mobile gaming market in the increasingly important and growing the strongest platform for gamers. The reaction is developed the way from the same studio (buy now €19,37) for World of Warships Legends is responsible: War gaming St. Petersburg.

Cross Play and Cross progression

Instead of World of Warships flash and make Legends compatible with each other, what would have been a huge effort because of the content of various development studios and game modes, war gaming easily ported the console version on mobile devices.
World of Warships Legends comes to Mobile (6) Source: Wargaming aims to achieve, both to make possible Cross Play and Cross progression between the two platforms. In plain language, so console gamers and mobile players on the same battlefield will be traveling. Your also can permanently switch back and forth without losing your progress.

When is it so far? What about Flash?

World of Warships Legends comes (7) Source on Mobile: War gaming Until you this country World of Warships Legends on your smartphone or tablet to play can, but will go for some time into the country. Especially in Canada, the first test is started, which also does not yet include all the features and very potent mobile hardware needed.

What war gaming now intends to do with World of Warships flash in this field remains unclear. In a FAQ The developers responded rather evasively that it was a big ocean, is on the enough room for everyone. In addition, one could be so challenging themselves and present a new experience to Legends players.

Now there are so soon two mobile versions of World of Warships — what do you think? And how much her thing with the Cross Play between console and mobile — good thing or a disaster

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The Good Things About Mobile World of Warships Legends

World of Warships Legends comes to Mobile (1) [Source: War gaming]


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