The first new title of Telltale Games in more than three years is based on the successful series of Amazon Studios. The expansion. The expansion: a revealing series is a new narrative game set in the world of expansion and is being published by Telltale Games and Deck Nine Games. The new game will put players in drummer walking control, with Gee’s face, recourse the role of it from the television program. The official description of the game says: In the near future, on the outskirts of the asteroid belt, a bloody riot in Artemis is unleashed. Assumes the role of TO walks Drummer, where your choices determine the destination of the ship. What will you do? With the truth, Bosnian? »You can see a first advance of the series below:

Amazon Studios logo [HD]
The Extension is a popular science fiction franchise that originated as a series of novels of the Writers Duo James SA Corey and is set in the near future where both Mars and the Asteroid Belt are colonized. The series explores the tense relationship between the earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt while an alien threat looms over all of them. Safe developed the television series, where she became a well-received favorite. When Safe canceled the series in 2018, Amazon Prime withdrew the series. El EXPANSION The sixth and last season is currently issued in Amazon Prime.

This marks the return of the TELLTALE GAMES brand after bankruptcy in 2018. The company became famous for its branched narrative games with popular franchises such as Batman, vivid dead, and faults that normally launched into episodic deliveries. TELLTALE would eventually go bankrupt in 2018 and was purchased by LEG Entertainment. Although LEG put several video games from Telltale Games in the markets and even announced a sequel to The wolf between us in 2019, expansion: a revealing series is the first time we have Telltale news in almost two years.

A launch or platform date for expansion has not been announced: a revealing series. I hope to listen more news about the series soon.