The Europe League UEFA Conference 2021-22 (UCL) is the 1st edition of the competitors. The competition is used Thursdays, as well as the champ will be identified straight for the European League of UEFA 2022-23. The last will be played at the Kombëtare Sector of the city of Tirana on May 25, 2022.

Tottenham Hotspur is in the Conference League before. This confirmed the European Football Association UEFA in a statement. The Spurs had their sixth and last group match in this competition against State Rennes due to a Corona outbreak in the squad.

In order to be able to conclude the group stage even regularly, the two clubs negotiated over a replacement date. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, there was no solution that was fine for both clubs, said the association.

That’s why the game can no longer be held, and the matter will be handed over to the UEFA disciplinary chamber, which will make a decision with regard to the regulations of competition, says the statement.

The third-placed Spurs are as good as certainly excreted from the Conference League, as the game of all foresight is by no means being considered for you.

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Conference League: Table of group G

Tottenham Hotspur: The Most Confusing Club In Europe?

Place | Team | Games | Goals | Difference | Points

1 | State Rennes | 5 | 10: 7 | 3 | 11
2 | Finesse Arnhem | 6 | 12: 9 | 3 | 10
3 | Tottenham Hotspur | 5 | 11: 8 | 3 | 7
4 | NS Mural | 6 | 5: 14 | -9 | 3