It could have been a fulminant second round of heading for Dagenham: the fourth victory in a row, paired with the advance on the relegation place. After five minutes Tim small service shot the guests closely in this direction to accept only two minutes later the compensation through Malik Batman.

We had a lot of work and many problems

But Coach Frank Schmidt saw how his team showed a good reaction and has virtually giving us good situations in the offensive in the minute. Our left side has often made the breakthrough, but also belongs to the truth that we too rarely belongs to thank you, End played, the 46-year-old choked. The KSC then switched and played many long balls in Hoffmann. Thus, we had a lot of work and many problems, Schmidt continued. With the second goal shot, Batman turned the game in favor of the KSC before the break. Until then, the Heidenheimer had the game under control, only too rarely before the opposing goal.

After the side of the side, the FCC seemed like it, did not come into play. The KSC has made it,, Schmidt analyzed, Keep away from the gate, and we did not come so into the pressing. On one day, much comes together: in the flank over a large distance was at Marion Busch of the Arm with it – referee Tobias Staider showed after 55 minutes because of trade meters to the point. The sunk Marvin Wanted to 3: 1.

This housekeeper didn't know there was a camera this is what she did

In the last games, we often decided the games just before the end for us, and today we have lost.

Frank Schmidt

Now it took a real guards to bring the now inconspicuous guests back into play. The supplied small service with a header goal after a corner kick (73rd), so that new strength was released in the final quarter-hour. Dagenham now set a storm course after another. We had two, three outstanding scoring chances, but Gerber held the victory, said Schmidt and hounded, We had at least 3: 3. But in the last games, we often decided to give us the games shortly before the end, and Today we lost.

Also positive aspects

Overall, the coach pulled a positive conclusion from the performance in the right-round finals. Although the result was not the desired, it was at least the way we played with a lot of possession and over the outside. We tried everything and I can not reproach the team, SCHMIDT added.

Next week, the second half starts for Dagenham, on Saturday at 1.30 pm at the same SC Paderborn.