Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a collection of video games created by David Jones as well as by the Sam bros and also Dan House er. It was originally developed by the British firm MA Design, which consequently occurred to be called Rock star North, from the Superstar Games business. Grand Theft Auto tells the tale of various crooks as well as even if they are numerous, for a factor they are relating as well as covering even more personalities as time passes. Generally the lead characters are antiheroes. It is taken into consideration a high video game in physical violence, so it is advised just for kids old.


The development of Grand Theft Auto VI was described only a few weeks ago as a turbulent. Even a restart should be done. In addition, it also expressed accent. The insider laces previously pictures of Star Wars Eclipse and said about the next part of the GTA series that some people were not clear how chaotic is the development of the game. He also believes that there will be a disappointment for many for different reasons. But he does not mean the graphic. If the game will be announced this year or beginning of next year, you should really worry about the insider. As always, statements of insiders should be considered as always with caution.