With the eleven, which also started at the 3-2 victory in Wolfsburg, the FC reflected in the initial phase of the offensive temperament of his coach Steffen Rampart. However, this should have annoyed that two early hits of his team did not find recognition: When supposedly guided tour, temp orator encoder Keying had played the ball with his hand (3rd), a little later, the Frenchman came out of the offside, marriage Scrub slot (10.).

The Stuttgart guests went with Zurich and Klimowicz instead of Kemp (Bank) and Razor (cold) compared to the 0: 5 against FC Bayern at least personnel offensive. But really dangerous was rare after his switching actions on imprecise CFB in the first round. Klimowicz missed the short corner (12th), Forster chased the ball freestanding to the upper rank (18th).

1. FC Köln - VfB Stuttgart 1-0 | Highlights | Matchday 17 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Light advantages all in all the households — and above all the better chances. The best awarded four minutes before the break of modest, who could not decisively press his header after heavy preliminary work by Keying (41.).

Modest leaves a lot — and still meets

After the restart, first the CFB announced the sound. The Swabia were more active, which was not associated with goal’s risk. For Marmots, the angles became pointed (51.) — the only Stuttgart chance in this phase.

Then Rampart engaged with a triple change, which should affect the statics of the game early. Modest approached three times after good stages (58., 65., 73.), but also on this page a goal remained.

At the end of the year, Matarazzo also moved threefold, which the choosing game of the guests busy again. This remained unemployed in too many aspects, so that the chances otherwise happened on the other side: Utah headed past (83rd), but excluding modest after a great freewheeling behavior shortly before the end exactly to the corner (88.).

Cologne, which celebrated the first Bundesliga home win against CFB since 2000, plays again at Bertha BSC after the short winter break on Sunday, 9 January. Stuttgart, which winters in place 16, is already in Fürth on Saturdays (15.30 clock).