The 75 is no round number, but it stands for anniversaries. The 75th election of the athletes of the year was such a special one. As a result, this is full of Malika Mambo. The long-jumper conquered with the last sentence on exactly 7.00 meters in Tokyo Olympic Gold and again the hearts of fans such as those skilled in the art. It is a sportswoman of the year for the third time. Steffi Graf (Tennis) and Ulrike Earth (high jump), both icons not only of their disciplines, were four times in a row.

Celebrations celebrated the German sport because of the Corona pandemic, as 2020 again. The mood was pressed for twelve months with changeable conditions. But 2021 did not lack outstanding achievements.

Top 5 Tennis Tearjerkers of the 2021 Season
TennisProfi Alexander Zeal was historically successful with the gold medal. As expected, the members in the Association of German Sports Journalists (VS) chose him to the athlete of the year.

Railroad foursome is team of the year

They also appreciated the railway fours of the cyclists. Lisa Klein, Mike Kroger, Lisa Brenner and Franziska Brick raced with three world records for the Olympic Gold, became world and European champions. Unique! And how also suitable for the 75th choice of the best, which should also be role models.