After a software update, the Tesla cars will no longer be able to play video games while they are moving. The touch screen in the Tesla vehicles was intended to allow passengers the opportunity to play games like cup head, The Witcher 3: wild hunting, and cyberpunk 2077. However, the National Traffic Safety Administration on the roads opened an investigation into whether drivers were those who really played these games. Previously, the games were only accessible while the vehicle was parked, but that changed with an update a year ago. In a statement, the NHTSA addressed the reversal of Tesla.

After the opening of a preliminary assessment of ‘Passenger Play’ of Tesla, Tesla informed the agency that is changing the functionality of this function, said a spokesman for the NHTSA in a statement. Provided CNN. «In a new software update, ‘Passenger Play’ will now be blocked and unusable when the vehicle is moving».

Even if passengers are the ones who play on the automotive touch screen, the NHTSA expressed concern that could distract the driver and increase the risk of a shock. Given the animated that some players can be when they play, it’s not hard to imagine the distraction that could be! Passengers can always choose to use portable game devices, and systems screens such as Nintendo Switch or Pocket Analogue would be much less visible to drivers. The research of the NHTSA about Passenger Play was driven by a complaint of an anonymous owner of Tesla. The complaint referred to both the accessibility of video games and web browsing.

Video games are supposedly restricted only to passengers. Web browsing is available for anyone at any time, is read in the complaint. «Why can a manufacturer create a live video intrinsically distractor that occupies 2/3 on the screen in which the driver trusts for all the information of the vehicle? The NHTSA should prohibit all live videos in the front seat and all live interactive web browsing while the car is moving. Create a dangerous distraction for the driver is reckless and negligent.

CNN notes that the NHTSA is also investigating the TESLA vehicles by accidents that involve automatic pilot options, insinuating that drivers distracted by video games could rely too much on those options, which are supposed to be used only when the driver remains conscious and maintains Both hands on the steering wheel.. It is not clear if there is any connection, but the Tesla decision to limit the function of the video game could make a difference!

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