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Handball EM: Defending champion Spain moves into the final

7286 spectators in Budapest the first EM finalist was determined. The game started with a 15-minute delay, because Iceland and Norway had previously delivered a gripping extension thriller in the game around 5 – with the better end for the bronze medalist of the EM 2020.

The Danes, where Coach Nikolai Jacobsen had spared his two best tournament scorers in the last major tournament game against France with Mikkel Hansen (39 hits) and Mathias Diesel (35), began nervous. Four technical mistakes made the reigning world champion in the first six minutes. The Spain could not use because there was a superior Niklas Landing in the way. After nine and a half minutes, the fishing rate of the Keeper from THW Kiel was 80 percent – four of the five throws on his goal defused the 33-year-old.

After ten minutes, it was just 3: 2 for Denmark, but the light favorite moved to 7: 4 of them until the 17th minute. At the end of 10: 6, the game seemed to tilt in one direction so slowly. But Spain retained the peace, forcing Denmark again and again to errors and shortened until the break at 13:14. At the employed European champion, it was particularly right outside Ali ix Gomez Abel lo from FC Barcelona and Lackluster Agustin Canada, which guaranteed a close semifinal.

Danish attack among

The Danes had their problems in the attack, the former Bundesliga professional Rasmus Age met after six minutes without his own hits on 15:14 (35.). Shortly thereafter, Spain took over the eighth goal of Bear Gomez Abel lo – later chosen to the “Man of the Match” – for the first time in the game the leadership (17:16).

Deutschland vs Spanien | Handball-EM 2016 | Finale | Full Video

With a break in the final quarter of an hour, the Bear led with two goals, Denmark barely came to simple goals. Jacobsen wanted to put a pulse from the outside, but the change in the gate on Flensburg’s Keeper Kevin Miller did not really pay off. At the booth of 19:22 Jacobsen took a break to break the Spanish river.

Perez de Vargas nails his box too

However, specifically from left outside Denmark showed nerves, while disappeared Spaniards could no longer dissuade their way. Goalkeeper Gonzalo Perez de Vargas from FC Barcelona came in the second half in the meantime to a fishing rate of more than 70 percent. Also in the seven-against-six lacked the Danes, who have been waiting for an EM title since 2012, the solutions.

Superstar Hansen (eight hits) moored in vain against the defeat, for Spain Gomez Abel lo met with eleven goals most common. At the end was a 29:25 for the European champion of 2018 and 2020, which has the Hat trick in view.

In the game around 3rd place Denmark meets on Sunday (15.30, live! At game) on the losers of the second semi-final between record world champion France and Sweden. Spain fights for the European KR1 from 6 pm for the fourth time in a row.

Spain – Denmark 29:25 (13:14)

Spain: Corrals, Perez de Vargas – Gomez Abel lo 11/2, Capella 7, Canada 3, Figures 3, Manuela 2, Amino 1, Fernandez 1, Taffeta Serrano 1
Denmark: N. Landing, Miller – Hansen 8/4, M. Landing 4, Diesel 3, Jockstrap 3, Lye Schmidt 2, San 2, HALDE 1, Hold 1, Larsen 1
Referee: Slave Nikolai (Nordmasedonia) / Giorgi Wachowski (Nordmasedonia)
Spectators: 7286
Criminal minutes: 8/6
Disqualification: \ – / –

“Fiasko” at BVB: Thats how it works for Reinier

In the summer of 2020, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund agreed on a two-year loan business around the Brazilian talent Ranger. The 20-year-old should take a similar development at BVB as Ashraf Hakim before. A hope that has long been smashing.

In over one and a half years at the BVB, Ranger played just 30 competitive games. Only once was the offensive players the full 90 minutes on the lawn, rarely he gathered in his missions more than half an hour playing time. No wonder that a premature termination of the lending stood several times in the room. But it will not come to that.

According to “as”, it is decided thing that Ranger will return to Real Madrid at the end of the season. Even the lending to another club is not for debate despite the “Fiascos” at BVB, it says.

Although real, of course, is not satisfied that his jewel in Dortmund hardly finds consideration, one obviously does not want to exert pressure to endanger the good relationship with BVB – even in the face of probably upcoming negotiations around Dortmund’s Superstar Erlang Haaland.

Real Madrid continues to believe in Talent Ranger

However, the next step around Ranger will examine the royal as a result of poor experiences up to the last millimeter. After all, Real moved in January 2020 whopping 30 million euros to flamenco for the services of the Junior National Player.

So that this investment does not turn out completely as an error, “as” should be found in the summer a new rental club. The main focus is on the fact that Ranger will guarantee playing time.

In principle, however, in Madrid you should continue to believe that Ranger creates the breakthrough. While the royal people often agreed lending shops in other talents, in which the receiving club as an incentive for a development of the player issues part of the percentage of the actor, this is completely excluded in the case of Ranger.

The right foot is still under contract in the Spanish capital until the summer of 2026.

The day and night cycle in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You must follow a distinct day and night cycle in Pokémon_ and Nuclear. This only happens in the wild area of ​​the game. Cities and itineraries are usually day, unless it changes for the reasons of narrative.

How to change the Day and Night Cycle in Pokémon Sword and Shield

When you enter a city, its lighting can be different from that other cities. For example, when you visit Turf field, it seems that it’s later in the day just before the evening. But it always shines. You want to know more because some Pokémon evolve into something specific when you report it at the time of the day.

Naval, for example, evolves in Mental if you have enough happiness and happens in the middle of the day. If, however, you level with the specific levels of happiness at night, you get a octal. You want to make sure that you set the level at the right time so that you can transform your desired Pokémon into the evolution form you want to use. The same goes for the Pokémon who prefer to show up at night.

Thus, while cities and itineraries remain related to the elements of history to change their lighting, the wild area relies on the internal clock of your switch. So, if you want to go out and evolve a particular Pokémon at night, visit the wild area and the same goes when you want to change a Pokémon during the day.

You have the option to manually enter and modify your switch’s clock to change the wild zone cycle to better meet your needs. You can stand in the middle of the wild zone and freely adjust these settings. To make sure all Pokémon that arise at a given time of the day arise, go to a place and come back to reset the appearances.

Dead by Daylight SAW Crossover invite les fans de Saw au Tome 10: SAW

Dead by Daylight has already crossed the SAW franchise once, but now a new collaboration is appearing. Volume 10: SAW continues the heritage of SAW by inviting fans in the memories of Amanda Young (The Pig) and Detective Tape. This is the first volume entirely under license of the game.

In Volume 10: Saw, players will celebrate the emblematic role of Jigsaw by defying three new stories. These unpublished adventures will explore new aspects of both worlds. At the opening of the flaw, players will discover the memories of Amanda and Tape and will unlock new rewards.

In this volume, one of Jigsaw’s twisted students is tempted by a dark epiphany while a detective faces a choice. The players will also observe the auras, a device that scrutinizes the memories of people carried away by the fog. The mysterious observer will use it to give players a new series of challenges to take up.

Players will be able to unlock the Book of Saw collection, which will contain new outfits for these two favorite fans characters. The philosophy of Jigsaw states that to live, we must first suffer. His disciple Amanda Young adopted him with two arms, and his very rare rebirth of Amanda shows him.

The costume represents Amanda carrying an inverted bear trap crown and the dresses of his mentor, and brandishing a cruel blade. Meanwhile, the very rare grill field for Detective Tape adopts the opposite approach and shows it finally relax. The two outfits are symbolic of the obsessions of Amanda and Tape for Jigsaw, Amanda describing his disturbed state and Tape showing the peace he lost.

Each new Volume brings with him a flaw, and this is no exception. The next facet of Crossover Dead by Daylight Saw brings a range of unpublished and limited items in time. Players can earn more than 60 cosmetic objects by defying the fault, including 12 new outfits, charms and the Book of Saw collection.

Dead by Daylight Volume 10: Saw will be available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo Switch and Stadia on January 26, 2022.

Do you solve the mystery to observe it? Let us know in the comments, or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

Leakage of skins and heads of Borderlands 3

If you grow tireless booty for Bloody Harvest since it exit, you may enjoy it. If you all have them, first, you are a liar and, on the other hand, other cosmetic products are waiting for you. Images from some skins and heads of Borderlands 3 containing coming content surfaced. Each trunk hunter has his own head, and they all share the same skin under the name of I like, followed and obeyed. These cosmetic items are supposedly related to the next Takedown at the Malian Black site, which was sequined for the first time in Pax West.

Like, Follow and Obey skins are apparently blue and black, but can be changed for other colors. It’s strange because this sentence is a Calypso Twins slogan, but blue and black are not necessarily VOC colors. The heads are a bit more interesting. Each head is different for each Vault Hunter; The FL4K head resembles that of Anubis, that of Mara at a gladiator helmet, Zane with a Black Panther and More extraterrestrial in Genii with a thermos on each side of the head. I say that these are related to Takedown to the Black site of Malian for several reasons.


The first is that it is the next event after Bloody Harvest, and the second is that helmets seem to be made by Malian. These Mailman bastards may be diabolic, but you have to admit they have style. The foregoing images were published by the Twitter user @charontwitch. We do not have an output date for the next downloadable content, but you can bet that we will let you know as soon as we know it.

What head do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

The source: Twitter

Strategy card game “BOMBAGUN” on the world of terminal RPG “Atom RPG” is coming soon STeam delivery

Developer Totem announced that the STEAM version of Strategy Card Games BOMBAY , which was set in the world of terminal RPG Atom RPG, will be delivered from January 26, Local Time.

Bombay has a stand-alone that has appeared in Atom RPG Trudged released in 2021, and can play against other players or AI. We aim for victory while performing attacks and defenses with various cards such as buildings, people, creatures.

  • Hand drawn original design card drawn in the end Soviet Atom RPG style

  • Simple rules that enable diverse play tiles and strategies

  • Pay to Win, card collection element, route box mechanism

  • original soundtrack

  • Cloud account for saving settings

  • Plays with other players or AIs that the server is randomly selected

  • Classic card game with original new twist

BOMBAY that supports Japanese is scheduled for free delivery for Windows / Mac / Linux. iOS / Android version is already delivered.

Elden Ring confirms the duration of his main story and suggests the importance of the New Game +

Elder Ring , the expected new video game from software and banzai NAMC , hbandai namco already entered the Gold Phbandai namcoe. That is why its creators have shared an extensive video with new Gameplay on the occbandai namcoion of Taipei Game Show 2022 and in which new data of great interest, such bandai namco the duration of its main history, an estimate for secondary missions and The importance of the mode New Game + in a game of Vbandai namcot World bandai namco the one that concerns us. This hbandai namco been detailed by their responsible, pointing around 30 hours to complete their history mode.

Main history of 30 hours in a vbandai namcot world

Thus, the producer Bbandai namcohir Vital hbandai namco pointed out that the main route should be able to complete in about 30 hours, always considering the player’s ability to the controls in a video game that aims to be bandai namco demanding bandai namco the rest of The work of from software. The game bandai namco a whole is quite huge and contains many dozen hours of game , but if we are talking only about the main route, it should not take much longer than that. Even so, Elder Ring will offer experiences of all kinds, including dungeons contained.

On the other hand, Vital itself ensures that Elder Ring can radically change bandai namco we complete cycles of items, or what is the same, when accessing New Game + mode: Since the world is so vbandai namcot, the Game is designed so that it can be completed without necessarily experiencing everything. Some players will prefer try and explore all the map the first time, while others will leave some arebandai namco to explore in subsequent cycles, concludes the producer.

Elder Ring is provided with its relebandai namcoe the next February 25, 2022 both for PC and for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Battlefield 2042 reportedly can go on Free-to

There is nothing to wrap in the cotton. Battlefield 2042 turned out to be a gigantic die that disappointed everyone (almost all) series fans.


Bugs mass, terrible optimization, non-writing gameplay, Balkans and inept attempt to transform the game in Hero Shooter caused that Battlefield 2042 was at the bottom.

It is the best visible after steam ratings (31% of positive reviews) and the number of active players (94% drop in users from the premiere).

No wonder that EA Games wants to save what is still to save. Some exit would be to make a Battlefield 2042 Free-to-play game.

Such voices come from Inside from the company (Tom Henderson is a reliable informer from over 130k Followers on Twitter):

This is a very likely, because people will not pay PLN 270 (the official price from Steam) for such a crap.

Update: Last week we mentioned ( here ) that even the creator of the cinder for BF2042 gave up further work due to the fatal state of the game.

This is the best image of grief and despair.

The picture of the “Pokemon” fanmaid FPS, which brings a lottery, deletes by the right holders claim-radical content that shots Pokemon

It turned out that most of the game images of Pokémon First-Person Shooter that Dragon, Person Developer posted by DRAGON, was deleted by the claims from Pokémon Corporation.

The video is The player shoots Pokémon with a modern gunfire and the Pokémon to be bull aged will fall off blood splashes. I called a big response after being posted on January 17, 2022.

But then most of the video posted to Twitter and YouTube is deleted by the claim of right holder. DRAGON’s part of Mr. DRAGON has also been suspended, and it is only the REDDIT forum that you can check the current video.

Pokémon Legends Alceus-SWITCH (early purchase bonus Promote card Access V × 1 included) [ Original Benefits] Code delivery that Gabriel can be advanced



Wrongly chest-SWITCH ([First Press Benefits] Original Soundtrack, Art Book included)



FC Bayern – Nagelsmann

Xavier Zero was missing FC Bayern in the away game against Bertha BSC. The co-trainer of coach Julian Nagelsmann had to fit due to an angina. Nagelsmann compared him at the press conference after the game with an aging rock star.

At 4: 1 (1: 0) of FC Bayern at Bertha BSC on Sunday, a bank place remained free at guests. For the dissolution, coach Julian Nagelsmann made at the press conference after the game.

He has a side strand Angina. No Corona, the 34-year-old in Berlin explained the absence of Pembroke and joked about the 55-year-old voice drawn.

He talks like Rod Stewart and looks like Bryan Adams, Nagelsmann laughed, I hope he was fit again on Tuesday. He was annoyed yesterday on the ph1. He had a scratchy voice all week, and she was less and less In training. Since I said that he should rule that.

The sick leave was also a precautionary measure. Nagelsmann: In the end it was the right decision because it was also contagious towards the end of the week. He sits in Munich in his apartment and hopefully was pleased that we won.

FCB notes: Molasses Next application – Gimmick is the boss

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Superfluous! Nagelsmann criticizes UPA
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FC Bayern will train normally during the week. On Friday is an internal test game. After that, the players who were last often used three days get free. The Covid returnees should, on the other hand, get rhythm, as Nagelsmann said, and exercise again next weekend. Then probably with Rod Zero.

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