In Minecraft, you can not do that to uncover it, suck it and wet it. But, of course, it is quite curious and interesting to be able to see a giant Oreo in the world of the Moving game squares. Breakfast for everyone!

A user called Nomallama The idea of ​​creating a giant Oreo within Minecraft has occurred to her. In principle, it may seem something simple, but he has taken care of up to the smallest detail of the relief and, in addition, he has made it a huge size, for which we would need an ocean of milk to be able to spread it.

The author of this architectural jewel has taken 13 days to recreate it perfectly, as we can see in the image. In addition, he has used a total of 46,727 blocks, so you can imagine the time and mime that he has dedicated for this work. As if that were not enough, he has built it in the survival mode and not in creative mode, where it would probably have been quite simpler.

We do not know if, after these days, Nomallama will have taken away the desire to eat Oreo, but it is definitely a curiosity more in the world of Minecraft, a game in which users do not stop giving them loose rein to the imagination to bring us curiosities and originates as great as this one.