The messaging service WhatsApp currently working on a new update. The innovation will change the group chats massive.

Germany — Whether to communicate with friends, work colleagues or parents of the daycare group: Group chats popular with WhatsApp. The future will probably change in the chat a lot. Because the admins of the groups should get more power, white Whatsapp.

WhatsApp plans major update for Group Chat — Admins get more rights

As the Beta Portal WABetainfo mid-December announced that developers tinker the Messengers currently at a corresponding update for groups. Specifically, it is to the admin of a group so soon be possible to delete incoming messages — and for all group members.

With the update groups Admins therefore receive significantly more rights. Because right now, it is them — as well as the other members — only possible to delete your own messages for all. Foreign news can also group admins so far only in their own view Delete (more news about Digital on Whatsapp).

WhatsApp: Planned innovation makes moderating easier Groups

As explained, the Beta Portal, which deleted the admin messages will in future also marked as such. Instead of the message, users will see a notice: This has been removed by an administrator.

Group Admins will have it easier to moderate a group with the planned innovation, according WABetainfo. Especially with inappropriate or abusive messages that is an advantage.

WhatsApp: group members can not freely determine their messages

On the other hand, the other members lose a group, but also the handling of their own messages. The update is thus likely to encounter a mixed reception among users.

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When the function is rolled out, however, is not yet clear. It is therefore most likely take a while to get this kind of intervention to the administrators of WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp recently had surprised with a further update concerning the voice messages. For all users, it is now possible to listen to a voice message before sending it alone. Whatsapp is part of the editorial network

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