Legends of Runeterra, the game of letters of the League of Legends Universe, is currently in Update 3.0, which has brought a series of balance changes, after the presentation of HRI, Kennel and Pantheon as the new regions champions of SONIA and JARGON .

After a period dominated by the Barajas Poppy and Handle, For is now experiencing one of the most diverse goals, even though the decks containing the elusive package of the repose seven queues.

Below are five decks to use in the qualifying items during the magic misfortune season , chosen based on their favorable victory and confrontation rates in the current goal. Before continuing, it is worth noting that any list is infallible: you need to learn and practice with the game plans.



The game plan of this deck is to apply pressure to the opponent with units with circumvention, protecting it with the cheap cards and the characteristic denials of the Sonia region. With Kennel it is possible to eliminate enemy letters that may present problems, or simply stun. Victoria’s condition is the arrival of elusive with a level 2 HRI in the field.

Current patch victories rate: 57.87%

  • Good Against: Pantheon, Ports / Ice born Legacy, Lee Sin / Zoe
  • Weak against: Aggro spiders, Control Wards, Lulu / Poppy

Mono Pantheon (Dacia + Jargon)

Barajas code : cycqcayabyaqiaadamaqacindibqkcidaiayjdmrtgxabaeaaicaebqseybaqaae

The idea here is to use the keyword destination to create units with many relevant attributes and other relevant keywords, creating a table that is difficult to tear down. The deck uses interactions such as unique combat and concentrated hit, which helps deal with great opposite units and activates the destination benefit.

Current patch victories rate: 52%

  • Good Against: Control Sentinels, Senna / Hagar, GP / Segueing
  • Bad against: HRI / Kennel, Lee Sin / Zoe, Teems / Swain


Sentinels Control (Shadow Islands + Filth aver and Faun)

Barajas Code : CecacaiegqAqibifaicqkcypaiaqkajiaibqcba3d4yamifcmmr2mjvgycaiee4aqgbalaebaicabeaksc

This deck has a clear game plan, as is to put on the table units with the readable keyword, while eliminating enemies with spells. Dominating the table and proposing damage that is not so easy to block, the deck seeks to end the game with spells aimed at the nexus.

Elise is an excellent unit to inflict damage at the beginning of the game, and it can be a threat if you upload level. Kindred also helps control the table and is a goal for the atrocious spell. Commander Learns and China Versa are the other two final letters, that is, the deck has several ways to win, including the one of keeping the cards that enter the most expensive cards.

Current patch victories rate: 55%

  • Good Against: Aggro Spiders, Kennel HRI, Ports + Ice born Legacy
  • Bad against: Senna / Iago, Pantheon, Stalkers (Pike + Red’SAI)

Senna / Hagar (Shadow Islands + Handle)


Another deck of control archetype, Senna / Vagina seek to increase the damage to the Darkness spell by eliminating enemy units until you can propose a lethal blow with a Iago that has risen from level.

Current patch victories rate: 53%

  • Good Against: Aggro Spiders, Control Wards, GP / Segueing
  • Weak against: Pantheon, Ports + Ice born Legacy, HRI / Kennel

DRIVEN / Rumble (NEXUS + Plover and Faun)

Barajas code : cedacayaeauqibaqaecqgdibaufqaybaqts2nadaebqeeyuaqgbasaecqgbqbaucbiaibamfqeicambqcbidbe

Proposing a more aggressive game style, Mono Driven / Rumble seeks to apply a lot of damage at the beginning of the game, taking advantage of discard’s synergies to divert the champions, as well as ballistic bot, are good objectives for ambush.

Current patch victories rate: 53%

  • Bad against: Control Wards, Kennel HRI, Rangers (MF / Quinn)

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