Ansgar Klaus was barely the train at Borussia Dortmund. Because of this, the BVB Youngster is on a lending at Eintracht Frankfurt for one and a half years.

The corresponding deal confirmed both clubs on Thursday afternoon.

Ansgar is a talent from their own offspring, which has already brings a lot. He has come to us with the desire for us to collect more game practice in the course of a LED. We would like to offer him this opportunity to evolve at a high level, explained Sebastian Keel, head of the license player department and future Knaufs director at BVB.

The loan business runs until June 30, 2023. A purchase option or obligation was not agreed between the clubs, the BVB announced.

Frankfurt’s Knaufs board Markus Roche said, Ansgar fits very well with his pace and understanding of the game very well in our team and would like to make the next development step here. He is able to help us immediately on the outer paths immediately.

Ansgar Klaus at BVB only reservoir

In the past year, Klaus had ever been traded at Eintracht Frankfurt. However, a transfer occurred did not materialize.

Finally, the BVB wanted to keep the wing player after his steep ascent in the past second half. Half a year later, Klaus played at the black and yellow but only a supporting role.

Thus, the 20-year-old under coach Marco Rose just completed 109 Bundesliga minutes.

Most recently, Klaus was used at the end of November for the BVB professionals. At Eintracht Frankfurt, the U21 national player beckons significantly more playing time.

HSV-Youngster Alison not to Eintracht Frankfurt?

A lending Klaus probably also has direct influence on the Fa ride Alison also traded at the Hesse.

The 20-year-old last considered a hot candidate to a change to Eintracht Frankfurt. Now a winter change of all likelihood is from the table.

On Tuesday HSV Knaufs board Jonas Bold suggested that Alison will not change to the Main metropolis for the time being. What Frankfurt has offered for half a year was not so that we have become nervous, said the 40-year-old in front of the DFB Cup game between HSV and 1. FC Cologne at Sky.