There is nothing to wrap in the cotton. Battlefield 2042 turned out to be a gigantic die that disappointed everyone (almost all) series fans.


Bugs mass, terrible optimization, non-writing gameplay, Balkans and inept attempt to transform the game in Hero Shooter caused that Battlefield 2042 was at the bottom.

It is the best visible after steam ratings (31% of positive reviews) and the number of active players (94% drop in users from the premiere).

No wonder that EA Games wants to save what is still to save. Some exit would be to make a Battlefield 2042 Free-to-play game.

Such voices come from Inside from the company (Tom Henderson is a reliable informer from over 130k Followers on Twitter):

This is a very likely, because people will not pay PLN 270 (the official price from Steam) for such a crap.

Update: Last week we mentioned ( here ) that even the creator of the cinder for BF2042 gave up further work due to the fatal state of the game.

This is the best image of grief and despair.