Some players and players have Pokémon legends: Areas already started playing and share pictures and videos to the rest of the new Pokémon. Spoiler Warning: In this post are pictures of the new Pokémon.

All new Pokémon at a glance

On January 28, it should finally be so far: coaches and trainers may immerse themselves in Pokémon legends: Areas in a new Pokémon adventure on the Nintendo Switch. Well, most at least then. Some have already been able to get a copy of the game and now All new Pokémon and other changes with the rest of the world.

Of course, the most exciting are the new His forms of well-known Pokémon – especially those of the three starters. In the following Reddit Post you see all new Pokémon at a glance:

Silvano belongs in his His form to the type plant / fight, Admiral is water / inappropriately and tornado fire / mind. Above all, the latter is currently causing disagreements and hot debates within the community.

Some mean the fire starter would look like he would have smoked something. So in another sense other than usual:

To his defense: With his flames he looks a bit ang stone flowers:

What are the first impressions of the fans?

Reddit User Subreddit writes in a post to his first impression that he actually countered the game quite critical . According to him, Game Freak has changed much for better. The gameplay should probably not be as repetitive as before and the difficulty should be slightly raised. His only criticism: the graphic. (Source: Reddit / Subreddit)

That Game Freak with Legends: Areas Some new paths wants to confirm first clips from the game. For example, for example, the animation of developments has a lot of high quality:

You can order Pokémon legends: Areas here:

EIN trailer for tuning is still free on top:

Opinion of Nathan Navrotzki

With the new Pokémon designs Game Freak once again proved what you have on it. Sure, the monsters are not everyone’s taste. But I want to say it the way: Not every Pokémon has to be cute. What I’m at Pokémon so celebration, unlike other monster collection games, is that they show them in their designs courage for the otherness . The Pokémon have personality.

Even if the graphic could be better – in other important places one seems to be really trouble here to create something new with the Pokémon IP. So I do not know how you feel, but I have really lust on the game.