If you grow tireless booty for Bloody Harvest since it exit, you may enjoy it. If you all have them, first, you are a liar and, on the other hand, other cosmetic products are waiting for you. Images from some skins and heads of Borderlands 3 containing coming content surfaced. Each trunk hunter has his own head, and they all share the same skin under the name of I like, followed and obeyed. These cosmetic items are supposedly related to the next Takedown at the Malian Black site, which was sequined for the first time in Pax West.

Like, Follow and Obey skins are apparently blue and black, but can be changed for other colors. It’s strange because this sentence is a Calypso Twins slogan, but blue and black are not necessarily VOC colors. The heads are a bit more interesting. Each head is different for each Vault Hunter; The FL4K head resembles that of Anubis, that of Mara at a gladiator helmet, Zane with a Black Panther and More extraterrestrial in Genii with a thermos on each side of the head. I say that these are related to Takedown to the Black site of Malian for several reasons.


The first is that it is the next event after Bloody Harvest, and the second is that helmets seem to be made by Malian. These Mailman bastards may be diabolic, but you have to admit they have style. The foregoing images were published by the Twitter user @charontwitch. We do not have an output date for the next downloadable content, but you can bet that we will let you know as soon as we know it.

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The source: Twitter