7286 spectators in Budapest the first EM finalist was determined. The game started with a 15-minute delay, because Iceland and Norway had previously delivered a gripping extension thriller in the game around 5 – with the better end for the bronze medalist of the EM 2020.

The Danes, where Coach Nikolai Jacobsen had spared his two best tournament scorers in the last major tournament game against France with Mikkel Hansen (39 hits) and Mathias Diesel (35), began nervous. Four technical mistakes made the reigning world champion in the first six minutes. The Spain could not use because there was a superior Niklas Landing in the way. After nine and a half minutes, the fishing rate of the Keeper from THW Kiel was 80 percent – four of the five throws on his goal defused the 33-year-old.

After ten minutes, it was just 3: 2 for Denmark, but the light favorite moved to 7: 4 of them until the 17th minute. At the end of 10: 6, the game seemed to tilt in one direction so slowly. But Spain retained the peace, forcing Denmark again and again to errors and shortened until the break at 13:14. At the employed European champion, it was particularly right outside Ali ix Gomez Abel lo from FC Barcelona and Lackluster Agustin Canada, which guaranteed a close semifinal.

Danish attack among

The Danes had their problems in the attack, the former Bundesliga professional Rasmus Age met after six minutes without his own hits on 15:14 (35.). Shortly thereafter, Spain took over the eighth goal of Bear Gomez Abel lo – later chosen to the “Man of the Match” – for the first time in the game the leadership (17:16).

Deutschland vs Spanien | Handball-EM 2016 | Finale | Full Video

With a break in the final quarter of an hour, the Bear led with two goals, Denmark barely came to simple goals. Jacobsen wanted to put a pulse from the outside, but the change in the gate on Flensburg’s Keeper Kevin Miller did not really pay off. At the booth of 19:22 Jacobsen took a break to break the Spanish river.

Perez de Vargas nails his box too

However, specifically from left outside Denmark showed nerves, while disappeared Spaniards could no longer dissuade their way. Goalkeeper Gonzalo Perez de Vargas from FC Barcelona came in the second half in the meantime to a fishing rate of more than 70 percent. Also in the seven-against-six lacked the Danes, who have been waiting for an EM title since 2012, the solutions.

Superstar Hansen (eight hits) moored in vain against the defeat, for Spain Gomez Abel lo met with eleven goals most common. At the end was a 29:25 for the European champion of 2018 and 2020, which has the Hat trick in view.

In the game around 3rd place Denmark meets on Sunday (15.30, live! At game) on the losers of the second semi-final between record world champion France and Sweden. Spain fights for the European KR1 from 6 pm for the fourth time in a row.

Spain – Denmark 29:25 (13:14)

Spain: Corrals, Perez de Vargas – Gomez Abel lo 11/2, Capella 7, Canada 3, Figures 3, Manuela 2, Amino 1, Fernandez 1, Taffeta Serrano 1
Denmark: N. Landing, Miller – Hansen 8/4, M. Landing 4, Diesel 3, Jockstrap 3, Lye Schmidt 2, San 2, HALDE 1, Hold 1, Larsen 1
Referee: Slave Nikolai (Nordmasedonia) / Giorgi Wachowski (Nordmasedonia)
Spectators: 7286
Criminal minutes: 8/6
Disqualification: \ – / –