(Warframe) Explaining a few things about heavy attacks over mic, start volume low. Wiki link in desc
Warframe has a robust melee system, but the heavy mingle attack is often misunderstood and ignored. It’s a shame because it can have an incredibly powerful impact against enemies, and will absolutely melt most of the most difficult challenges of the game.

To perform a melee attack, you can press the central mouse button on PC or R3 on the consoles. This will perform the heavy attack on the melee weapon you use at that time. Although all melee weapons have different heavy attacks, there are some common points you need to be aware if you want to get the most out of this form of attack.

against combo and extra damage

When you perform a heavy attack, you basically spend your combo counter. In return, you get a damage multiplier equivalent to your combo counter. So, if you have a 2x combo counter, you will get a 2x damage multiplier. This means that you can create a combo counter using regular melee attacks against smaller enemies, then trigger a devastating heavy attack against a more powerful enemy. You can still perform heavy attacks without combo counter, and they will strike hard, but they will not be as powerful as they could be.

To build a combo counter, you simply have to perform normal melee attacks against enemies, and each successful strike will add to your combo counter. After a period during which you do not touch enemies with a melee attack, the meter will be reset. You can find your combo counter in the lower left corner of the HUD.

It is possible to reduce this consumption on your combo counter using mods such as Focus Energy, or taking advantage of the Zenurik Focus tree and using Inner Might so that your Combo counter ranks faster. Alternatively, the Naramon tree will allow you to delay the loss of your combo counter, which will facilitate the maintenance of high values ​​until you find an appropriate target.

All heavy attacks have a liquidation, that is, the time it takes to do the attack since the beginning of the animation until really damage to an enemy. This will vary from one weave to the other, and during this time, you are sensitive to the effects of status, it is possible that the liquidation is interrupted if you are stunned.