In minute 27, for Abdoulaye Kamara was finished in Empoli, with a pain-distorted face, the 17-year-old young Frenchman humped off the square. Previously, the midfielder had to be treated on the field – without success. Meanwhile, it is clear: the top talent, which came in the summer of Paris Saint-Germain, falls out with an ankle injury. Of three weeks is the speech.

Kamara will be almost a month

For him and the club a bitter message, Kamara, who had struggled shortly after his change with larger adaptation problems, was last stabilized – and should be after appealing achievements in the U 19 can be reinforced again in the circle of U 23 in the 3rd league may be demonstrated. This plan must now be postponed.

Colleague Souha Coulibaly got a blow in Empoli. It should not be that bad for him. The 18-year-old Frenchman, as Kamara came from PSG in summer, lacked this Saturday in the squad for the third league game of U 23 against the TSV Havelse. It should only be a precautionary measure.

Coulibaly is not missing longer


In the past year, Coulibaly suffered a cruciate ligament crack, had to fight back gradually. Meanwhile, he comes on eight missions in the 3rd league and two games in the Youth League and receives many good reviews. Internally, his ambition and its modern, secure defense game is praised. In Coulibaly as well as in Kamara Dortmund’s responsible great hopes have.