[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo Chae] NHN (CEO) is a MOU for AI business cooperation with the NHN diquest with an artistic intelligence (AI) Managed Service (AI MSP) and NHN Dyquest (NLP) I announced on the 28th.

As a result, three companies are implementing a diverse AI new service development with the development of services and implementing the cooperation of operating services. In the Convention on the Convention on the Convention on the Convention on NHN Play Museum Office on the 27th, the NHN Cloud Business Room Kang Wang Jang and Cagnets, and Han Sun Ho, COO, NHN Dyquest Park Jin-woo, and NLP Group.

NHN is a plan to spur to secure new customers with its own cloud-based AI service through the Convention.

The specific collaboration contents include ▲ AI service planning, development and deployment ▲ AI service business related marketing and sales activities ▲ AI service operations, and the like, and the cooperative relationship is continuing to the overall part required for the inter-artistic intelligence-related joint business.

How to Apply AI in Business
The Cagnutna has built up service know-how and technology through AI projects in a wide range of industries, providing artificial intelligence service planning, architecture configuration, data preparation, service implementation and operation based on its own MSP platform.

In the future, it is a designated managed service partner of NHN and NHN Diquest, providing services throughout AI service planning, development, and operation, while informing the number of managed services in the artificial intelligence and strengthens positioning as AI MSP..

NHN Dieser is engaged in the development of platform-based technology development and solutions through continuous R & D investment in the core source technology of natural language processing. NHN Dieser has been transferred to NHN subsidiaries since last 2017, providing technology based on NHN Cloud and is conducting technical support and joint development for AI service development. We plan to advance technology, such as promoting the AI ​​language intelligence platform professional consulting and construction business.

“I am expecting ai service competitiveness, and I will be able to show AI services to various sectors,” said NHN Cloud Business Room Executive NHN Cloud Business Room. We will continue to collaborate with partner companies for providers. “