CCR’s RF Online, which opened the event that gives virtualization, depending on the mission ranking, was judged that it was illegal from the Game Water Management Committee.

CCR opened the Battle Coin server on the 13th RF online. The server was characterized in that it was able to accommodate the ‘Battle CO’ through the mission, and it was able to compensate for virtualization, such as bit coins, and the virtualization of bit coin, such as bit coin,

This is the act of providing spot prizes according to game play results, which is prohibited by the Games Management Committee in terms of antique promotional promotions. As indicated, the CCR side was found to confirm that there was no problem with the legal certificate, but it was finalized, but eventually the legacy of the law.

On the 28th, the Game Water Management Committee confirmed that RF online in RF online through Games Mecca, confirmed that the game method has been instructed to be in the game method, and the administrative measures were conducted. As a result, the CCR closes the Battleko server, or changes the battle of the battle with a random lottery, not a gameplay, or cancel the payment such as virtual money or prizes.

Currently, RF Online has not been announced on the Battle Server or not on the modification, and Game Mecca has contacted the CCR side for future plans, but did not answer the holidays.