Sony fanboy brags about Horizon Zero Dawn hitting 20 million sales while trashing Halo Infinite
PlayStation and the Games Guerrilla developer have revealed that horizonte zero dawn that is the predecessor of this week’s launch of this week forbidden west_, has already sold more than 20 million copies. This achievement is one that has accumulated within a period of almost five years since the title was launched for the first time at the beginning of 2017. And although this achievement would be awesome for almost any videogame, this specific sales total does horizonte zero dawn one of the most successful PlayStation First-Party Games of all time.

In a recent publication in the Blog of Playstationla Studio Director of Guerrilla, Angie Smets, was the one who announced the fans that horizonte zero dawn had reached this sales milest1. «We are pleased to share that from November 28, 2021, horizonte zero dawn has sold more than 20 million units around the world in PlayStation 4 and PC combined, and the community has passed more than a billion hours in the Game! “Sayed the publication of the blog. «It fills us with humility, thank you very much for your love and dedication.»

What is probably the most impressive of this sales milestone for horizonte zero dawn is that PlayStation stressed that 20 million is the number of copies that have been “sold”. This means that this total does not even take into account the number of additional players who may have chosen the free game when Sony made it available at no cost as part of the Play At Home of the Editor at 2021. With this in mind, the Number of people who have really played horizonte zero dawn in some capacity could be closer to 25 million.

In summary, what really tells us this total sales is that Horizonte forbidden west will surely be a massive launch for PlayStation. If you still did not have the launch of the game marked with a circle on your calendar, you are planned to arrive at the end of this week, on February 18, both for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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