Last updated Aug 31, 2019

As in any game where you have to collect and train different characters for the fight, _MyMoMon_My characters who are better leagues than others.

The meta is still young, but even in this case, the usefulness of some characters in speed-based gameplay is day and night compared to others. This classification list will distribute the best characters according to their role while giving some key points on why this synchronized pair is better or worse than others.

All units that are not currently available in the game will not be on the list, even if we know their statistics and capabilities, simply because there is not enough game evidence to indicate their quality.

Strike ranking:

These are the pairs of synchronization that focus specifically on the offensive, whether physical or special attacks. Since the strike mainly includes glass guns, we concentrate little on health or over-average defenses.

Brendan and Trecko

By far the best pair at the beginning of the game because of its ability to increase statistics freely. Very low in defensive statistics, but perfect for a race at full speed or training with good tanks. Have fun trying to shoot it, the five stars are not good and the precious stones are not abundant.

Olivia and lycanroc

Another five-star power plant can bless your team if you shoot it. Stimulating physical attacks and getting critical shots with Stone Edge is the name of the game. A perfect offensive weapon for most occasions, especially at the beginning of the game. It also helps it’s the best attacker who is not a mega.


Look, another five star striker, but at least Karen is a special striker. HOUNDOOM strongly strikes and is probably the best type of fire in the game at this point. When he evolves, he becomes even stronger. It can hit hard, reduce the opponent’s statistics and inflict Flinch – globally solid if you can keep it protected.

Barry and Empoleon

The easiest of the four to get, Barry is unlocked by completing history missions and becomes a strong attacker who can also inflict damage. Empoleon statistics are rather average compared to some of the other options, but it’s an excellent choice for casual. If you associate it with slower attachers, its speed control can carry a team.

Technical classification:

The role that goes the most around to impose changes in statistics for the opponent or to inflict negative evils. Usually, each pair will be competent at the same time in attack and defense.

Crisher Wake & Floatzel

Top 10 Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs
Turn off the fire, Crisher Wake! Running electricity, Crisher Wake! You will not be on the defensive with Floatzel, which will delay your opponent with the Flinch or confusion status while preparing the big shot. The critical shots are your friend here, unlike prolonged battles.


This is the time of the next Mega on the list, but this one is even more fragile than Houndoom. The words Gengar and Shadow Ball in the same sentence are enough to explain why this agreement is great, be extremely careful when you build around him.

Sophocles and ToGedmaru

Strange twinning, but rolling with the type steel and electric pookemon will take you places. Decent defenses, a capacity that increases both speed and attack, as well as the ability to paralyze its opponents are too good to be ignored.

Support ranking:

If it was not obvious, it is the role of the tank that will include large quantities of lifestyles, limited offensive capabilities and useful capacities to help teammates succeed.


The biggest of the Goules, Dusclops has no offense, but will live forever. Improving statistics, including the increased increase in critical results rates, made of this pair a pair not to let. Especially if you consider building offensively around a tank because Dusclops can also reconstitute the travel gauge.


Free to play for victory! Rosa does not only bring a viable gaseous grass type, but it is also the best pair you can get by playing the story right now. SERPERIOR can draw shots, improve the statistics of its teammates and is easy to train. The only disadvantage is limited offensive options and low speed.

Marley and Arcanine

Probably the only other type of viable fire available in the game, Arcanine allows coaches to ignore the status conditions by deleting them and canceling them with its capacity. We are strong! Fire speed and striking make it a strong choice around.

There are dozens of other synchronized pairs available in Pokemon Masters, but these are currently among the most viable depending on their abilities or the ease with which they can be trained. Sometimes a reliable version is better than the Flashy version that everyone uses.

And as a rule, if a pokemon is slow and does not provide much in the form of useful offensive skills, it can probably be replaced very easily by something better. Pokémon Masters offers many options, but there is a lot of waste.