Mario Kart Fans of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED expected the next Mario Kart Announcement would be a revelation of Mario Kart 9 or whatever the next main line Mario Kart The game ends up being called. These expectations were shattered this month when Nintendo announced 48 new DLC courses for Luxury Kart 8 that will be launched in six waves, and the final wave will arrive at some point in 2023. Not only did not there be news of Mario Kart 9 but Nintendo He compromised with approximately two years of new Mario Kart 8 Content. As a result of this, many fans of Nintendo began to doubt that he was working on a new entry, but according to a new report, he is.

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The new report reaches the hand of a prominent connoisseur and Filter of Nintendo, Zippoquien transmits the news that he heard that this new DLC is not being handled by the kernel Kart_ Team, but Bandai Namco. To this end, Zippo claims the kernel Kart_ core is working on the next Mario Kart Game.

“I heard shortly after the Direct that this DLC is doing it in full Bandai Namco, EPD has little or no participation in this, since the work continues in the next Mario Kart,” Zipo said.

Unfortunately, this is the scope of the report, but Zippo Note will soon have more information to share about this project. Until then, Mario Kart Fans will be comforted knowing that this recent Mario Kart 8 Luxury AD does not mean Mario Kart 9 Still not happening. That said, it is still prudent to take all this with tweezers, like any unofficial information.

Mario Kart 8 is currently the most recent Mario Kart game available in Nintendo Switch through Mario Kart 8 Luxury. Also in Nintendo Switch is Mario Kart Live: Local circuit. Meanwhile, if you have a mobile phone, you can now enjoy now paseo in Karts of Mario.