Cyberpunk 2077 is again on everyone’s lips. The long-awaited Next-Gen upgrade , which should have already come 2021, is finally there. In addition to many improvements and some completely new content, Patch 1.5 were finally released dedicated versions for the Next-Gen consoles.

All information and innovations of version 1.5 can be found in our overview:

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Cyberpunk 2077: Mega Update 1.5 is live and brings free Next-Gen upgrade


The PS5 gets some additional functions , but is otherwise congruent with the version for Xbox Series X. Therefore, we have went to Sony’s console to Night City to test the new options and improvements. What you can expect from the game and what the developers have to work on, do you experience in this check.

The most important first: graphics and performance

After the fiasco on the release and the heavy months after that, first of all, the good news in advance: Cyberpunk 2077 runs smoothly and stable. In the relatively short time since the patch we had no crashes , game-destroying glitches or the like. Whether not yet one or the other larger carver has crept in, will only be clear with a little more playing time. But also on the Internet clearly the positive impression overweighs.

This does not mean that the game is now “perfect” or really “finished” works. There are still a few technical mistakes , but these are not so strong in weight and do not bother the play flow at any point. Material for another update is always available.

In addition to improved HDR, two modes are available on the Next Gen consoles:

  • Performance mode: 60fps, dynamic 4K
  • RayTracing mode: 30FPS, Dynamic 4K

Of course, that the raytracing mode is limited to 30 fps is a pity, but technically it seems (at least) not otherwise possible. Much more important is that the 30 fps are also really spent constant. Even in hectic shootings or in fast car rides, the frame rate remains stable .

Optically, the rayTracing mode is really well done for this. Night City looks really impressive with its neon signs, dark corners and puddles . Incidentally, the good optics will not be achieved by subsequent textures or reducing the displayed NPCs.

But then it comes to the announced shootings or car rides, the performance mode is clearly better choice. Here we get stable 60 fps , the game feels butter soft and very surprise, at the same time, the look differs only with more closely.

Because also graphically the performance mode can be absolutely impressive. Sure, lighting and reflections with Raytracing are a whole corner again pretty, but also without having to hide cyberpunk 2077 on the PS5 really.

A comparison of the graphics modes and a comparison with the PS4 Pro version can be found here:

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Cyberpunk 2077 on video comparison: The RPG looks so much better on the PS5


A big advantage of the Next-Gen consoles are the installed SSDs, with which loading times are significantly shorter . Also in Cyberpunk 2077 this is clearly noticeable. While the game loads on the PS4 about one and a half minutes, the PS5 only needs for the same process 12 seconds (!) .

Special features of the PS5 version

Players * Inside the PS5 version also get a few special features that are only possible with the DualSense Controller . The feelings change but sustainable.

The haptic feedback and especially the adaptive triggers increase immersion by adding another level to purely audiovisual experience. Each weapon has a own recoil pattern , which we can feel directly through the triggers. Even when driving, this is noticeable, especially because the cars can now break out and drift.

Since it is always a bit heavy, people who have never kept a PS5 controller in the hands to explain how that feels, you can at least make an impression of it in this video:

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The loudspeaker of the dualsense is also used. We get news sounds and partially noises that have to do directly with the system of protagonist * in V . This is really good for setting, as we get such a level that only “we” can hear, just as it is the people in the world of cyberpunk 2077 itself.