We suggest you do not go to get too excited too, but Retro Studios has shared a new image of ** Metroid Prime. In a long time, and the fans already began to speculate that some kind of important ad about this game is coming.

Despite being a simple image, it is possibly the most significant thing we have obtained lately from the team that has been working on one of the most important _first-party launches of Nintendo . We know that Retro Studios has been hiring staff since 2020, besides that last year remodeled their offices to facilitate the development of Metroid Prime 4. But out of all this, we still do not know much about it.

NEW Metroid Prime 4 Concept Art?! Retro Studios Updates Twitter Page
This new Banner of Twitter shows us a character, which definitely looks like Samus Aran , in a kind of little light hall. We want to assume that this image has some kind of connection related to the fourth installment of Metroid Prime , otherwise, why upload it? We hope to have news about Metroid Prime 4 Soon, but by while, the fans already started to theorize the possible clues that this image could hide.

“Are we analyzing it too much? The Sylux viewer maybe? I have been waiting for the return of Sylux from Hunters, Prime 3, and Federation Force for so long. “

In Reddit , the community also has its own ideas, as that different shades of the image represent two different dimensions.

But what do you think? Could it be that this image really hides something else? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Editor’s note: Updating a Twitter profile is usually something that goes unnoticed, but considering for everything that Metroid Prime 4 has crossed as well as the silence of Retro Studios during its development process, it is easy to understand the Why this is something so important.