In this guide we will tell you about the game for conqueror with righteous fire in Path of Exile . Here you will find recommendations for choosing talents, equipment, useful tips and much more.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Bild Review for Conqueror With Righteous Fire in PoE
  • 3. POB and passive talent talent tree with righteous fire in Path of Exile
  • 4. Equipment for the conqueror with righteous fire in PoE
  • five. Climbing, Bandits and Pantheon for Conqueror With Righteous Fire in Path Of Exile
  • 6. Pumping the conqueror with righteous fire in Path Of Exile
  • 7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Once upon a time the righteous fire was considered the skill for tanks, as his damage was dependent on the maximum equipment of the character. With the right selection of equipment, the conqueror with righteous fire could have 9-10 units of health. It was a very durable character capable of surviving in any situation. There was a relatively weak damage to the disadvantages of Bild and, as a result, protracted battles with high-level bosses (uber-ancient and creator). In the current version of the Bild inflicts Gorad more damage, however, the monsters have become much stronger, so the conqueror with righteous fire is still unable to destroy the bosses from one blow. However, protective mechanisms allow it to be near the bosses long enough.

Bild is suitable for playing hardcore and solo leagues. With the exception of the Heart of Caoma and the Saffella’s Self-Shoot, it uses only rare items, and the heart can be replaced with a rare breastplate, and homemade – on the revival of the Phoenix, losing quite a bit of health and damage. The revival of the phoenix can easily communicate on the cards (Sun). Bild provides a character about 10,000 units of health, the best protection against physical and magical damage due to the charge charges, maximal resistances to the elements and the talent of the ascent of the inexorable, and therefore it can be used to master new bosses and games in hardcore and solo leagues.

2. Bild Review for Conqueror With Righteous Fire in PoE

In this section, we will consider all the advantages and disadvantages of build. This information will help you determine whether it is worth spending time on it.


  • \ + Is durable, insensitive to errors
  • \ + Suitable for studying new content
  • \ + Suitable for playing in hardcore and solo leagues
  • \ + Cute Animation
  • \ + Quick replenishment of resources
  • \ + Does not require large investments


    • relatively weak damage (no more than you need)
    • gets additional benefits from levels, it is necessary to pump as stronger as possible
    • For pumping, unique items are required (without them you will have to take non-optimal skills and change them at the maximum level)

Unwanted modifiers

The worst modifier for the conqueror with righteous fire is considered to be the one that does not allow to replenish the resources (without regeneration, the character loses 10% of health per second and dies in 10 seconds). The remaining modifiers, including the reflection of the damage from the elements, do not imagine the threat.

game style, mechanics and advantages

The righteous fire has unique mechanics – he set fires the character and deprives him of 90% of health per second. For comparison, earlier in Builde was used by the righteous fire Waal, who tribal took 30% of health from a character. Previously, resistance and other effects that reduce the incoming damage and releasing health were used, now loss can be partially compensated for passive skills. Once conquerors with righteous fire replenished 500-600 units per second, and it was an incredible meaning. Nowadays, the norm is considered to be the fill in 2000 units of health and more (excluding losses from righteous fire).

So, two main mechanics are used to counter the damage from righteous fire – the resistance of fire and health replenishment. 84% of the maximum resistance of fire can be gained by rescue from fire and homemade Saffel \ – in this case, damage from the righteous fire decreases from 90% to 10%. Health works in the best way for characters with a large margin of health. In addition, the big health stock increases damage from righteous fire on opponents. Collecting suitable equipment, you can replenish 37% of the maximum health stock per second (or 27% with righteous fire). As already mentioned, damage from righteous fire directly depends on the health stock of the character. The description of the ability states that opponents receive a basic damage in the amount of 20% of the maximum reserves of the caster health. In other words, the more health, the stronger damage.

As a result, you will need equipment with bonuses to health and strength, as two points of strength equates to one point of maximum health. Also, you will also play the natural features of the class (conqueror). In addition to health and power, the damage from the righteous fire is influenced by bonuses to damage from arson, periodic damage and a multiplier of periodic damage. Talents of climbing damage practically do not affect, so we recommend that you choose those that make the character more stronger. Also, the generated endurance charges and general effects that cut the incoming physical damage and the damage from the elements are influenced. The righteous fire kills the bosses slowly, and all this time the character needs to stand next to the goal, so the protection is unlikely to seem too much.

3. POB and passive talent talent tree with righteous fire in Path of Exile

The data for the import of build in the Path of Building can be found here. Before using POB, make sure that you have the latest version from Localidentity (it is here).

If you do not know how or do not want to use Path of Building, look at the skill tree on the official website. Please note that the site does not support cluster gems and some unique gems. If you are seriously configured to explore build, we recommend that you put POB and learn to use it.

Pumping Tips

Damage from righteous fire depends on the number of character health, that is, from its level. However, the character may produce an acceptable damage and pumping.

Link to Build for 80 levels: path of building. At this stage, build can be improved by large-scale investments.

Stones skills and ties between them

Righteous Fire (Main Setup, 4 Communications, Helmet)

In Setup there are awakened versions of stones, but the setup works well with conventional stones. You can replace them with awakened as soon as you have such an opportunity.

  1. Righteous Fire Waal (ideally 21/20)
  2. Efficiency
  3. Awakened: The concentration of elements
  4. Awakened: Extended area of ​​action

If there is no damage from burning on the helmet, add it to the setup directly.


For quick movement, a shield is used, but you can try fiery or ordinary jerk.

  1. Blow shield
  2. Life,
  3. Acceleration of attacks (level is determined by the figure of dexterity)


The second curse is available only after improving the rock whisper on the amulte.

  1. Storky storms (level 1)
  2. Spray
  3. Touch of damage
  4. Vulnerability to the elements

aura and auxiliary effects

Used in the build stones with auras are placed in a special way – three of them need to be put into the weapon, and the fourth to tie with clivestock and the selected head (stone, fiery or chaos).

  1. Gloating
  2. Salvation from fire
  3. Vitality
  4. Mentor (level 3 or 4, optional)
  5. Call Mechanotov
  6. Cliche resistance
  7. Call of Stone Golem

4. Equipment for the conqueror with righteous fire in PoE

The main goal in the selection of equipment is to achieve the limit values ​​of resistance to the elements. Up to this point, all other modifiers have a very low priority. In Build, unique items are actively used, so resistance will have to be finished. A complete description of the process of selection of equipment is given below.

Recommended Equipment:

Slot Name of the subject
Helmet Rare full eternal helmet with health, arson and focus for placed stones
Amulet A copy of the fad of ATZIRI or marble amulet with suitable parameters
Bib Catoma’s heart
Gloves Titan’s gloves with a multiplier of periodic damage from fire, health and resistances
Shoes Any rare health boots, resistance and speed of movement
Belt Belt with a bonus to the speed of fill with health, health and resistance
Rings 2x ring with kinovari with health, power, bonus to damage and resistance
Weapons Rare Scepter with a multiplier of periodic damage from fire, +1 to the level of plated fire stones and damage from fire

Objects Equipment


The helmet is the most important element of the equipment in which the set of stones with righteous fire is located. The righteous fire is not so many sources of gain damage, and the choice of support stones for it is limited, so many players choose Caoma heart for this (unlike other bibs, it has modifiers that strengthen fire). The optimal, but hard to achieve option is a helmet with family connections, which can only be obtained using horror entities. To begin with, you can take an ancient helmet with a large bonus to the health and two modifiers of ancient.

  1. Placed stones are enhanced by focus levels (ideally 20)
  2. Placed stones are amplified by damage from levels of levels (ideally 20)
  3. +% to the maximum health stock (minimum 65)
  4. Placed stones apply more damage from the elements (%)

  1. +% resistance to the elements (to limit values)


As mentioned above, the righteous fire receives bonuses from a limited number of support stones, and the best modifiers are found only on helmets, so we recommend that you use a bib with six pseudo-bones – in particular, the unique heart of Caoma. It gives approximately 1600 units of additional health and about 12% of the total damage (incredibly many for one element of the equipment).


All recommendations in this section are given with the calculation that you will play in the trading league and can buy missing items from other players. If you play in the Solo League and are going to crafting equipment yourself, you can refuse part of affixes.

Opportunities with additional health usually cost inexpensively, but if you try to find health and resistance, the price will take off sharply. Nevertheless, resistance to objects can be added with the help of a workbench, so we try not to focus on them. Simply put, we advise you to look for equipment with health and fundamentally important affixes. If you get an object with an empty suffix, you can add it the necessary resistance.

  1. \ + To the maximum health stock (minimum 85)
  2. +% to the multiplier of periodic damage from fire
  3. +% resistance to the elements (to the limit value)


Almost all builds require health and movement shoes. We will not be able to resist chaos (instead of the modifiers of the influence present on the subjects for other slots).

  1. +% Movement speed (25% +, ideally 30%)
  2. +% to the maximum health stock (minimum 75)
  3. \ + to resistance to the elements (before the limit)


For this slot you need a belt with a bonus to the speed of health replenishment. This is a very important parameter for the conqueror with righteous fire – fortunately, it is found quite often. In addition to the speed of health replenishment, you will need health and, if possible, resistance.

In full compliance with the general focus of Bild, the belt and rings need to be improved by saturated catalysts (on health and manu).



Up to Patch 3.12 The conquerors wore marble amulets with different modifiers (gloating with the effectiveness of mana retention, bonuses to periodic damage from fire, the level of fire stones placed and so on), but with the appearance of a copy of the fad atziri, the popularity of marble amulets has fallen sharply. A copy of the fad of ATZIRI gives 400 units of health and 1000 units of health per second. No object of equipment can compare with it!

However, when mastering the top content, a marble amulet with carefully selected characteristics can be useful. The moment for changing a copy of the fad atziri on the marble amulet must be chosen independently, focusing on its need for additional characteristics (dexterity, intelligence, factor damage from fire and so on).

improvement oils

The best ability to improve oils is a whisper of rock. It allows you to apply an additional curse on opponents with a storm stamp, and therefore is considered the best significant skill in the game.


The best option for the overwhelming majority of builds is rings with a cinnabar. The conqueror with righteous fire is very important to have as much health as possible, and the bonus from the rings with a cinnabar will definitely not be superfluous. If you managed to find items with empty suffixes for other slots, you will not need resistance from the rings, and they can not be bought specifically.

Choose a rings with a cinnaber, giving health and strength. Also it will be useful will be an additional percentage of damage. If you have resources, look for rings with all the above parameters and resistances. Do not forget to apply catalysts to rings!

The priority of affixes before the use of catalysts:

  1. +% to the maximum health stock (minimum 75)
  2. \ + to strength (minimum 50)
  3. +% resistance to the elements (to the limit value)
  4. +% to damage


As a weapon, we recommend that you use a scepter.

With a multiplier of a periodic damage from fire and a bonus to the level of placed stones of skills (fiery or any spell). You can also add such modifiers such as “+% damage from fire” and “+% periodic damage”. Please note the spell damage does not affect the damage from the righteous fire.

  1. +% to the multiplier of periodic damage from fire
  2. \ + To the level of all stones of fire / char
  3. +% to the damage from fire
  4. Trigger placed stones when using skills
  5. +% to periodic damage
  6. +% to the damage from the elements


The best shield for the considered Build – Saffella homemade. In the solo leagues, it is difficult to get homemade, so you can use the revival of the Phoenix. Earlier, the revival was actively used in bildes with righteous fire, but with the advent of equipment for regeneration, the need for high resistance of fire disappeared, and the revival gave way to a homemade, which reduces the incoming damage from the elements.


The choice of bottles in most cases depends on the personal preferences of the player, the universal set does not exist. Some buildings have compulsory bottles that compensate for the shortcomings of mechanics, there are no conqueror with righteous fire. Below we give the most useful and effective examples, but you are not at all necessary to follow these recommendations.

First of all, we recommend that you find a ruby ​​bottle. The less damage you get, the faster you fill health – in the case of a ruby ​​bottle, the speed of health replenishment increases by 300 units per second.

In the second slot, we recommend putting a sulfur bottle. It creates areas of consecrated land that increase the speed of health replenishment by 6%. This is a significant bonus that cannot be neglected.

In addition to ruby ​​and sulfur, you will use protective bottles, basalt and quartz. They compensate for the basalt bottle defects – the basalt bottle reduces the incoming physical damage by 15% (the conqueror with righteous fire cannot receive a similar bonus from other sources), and quartz increases the reserve of effective health by 10% and works under any circumstances.

The Ghost Form from the Quartz Flacon works well for all buildings involving the battle in the near battle. It allows you to pass through opponents and occupy a favorable position for the application of ayo-damage.

In the last slot, we recommend putting a mercury bottle that increases the speed of movement. If possible, use an alchemical mercury bottle or mercury bottle of adrenaline.

Regardless of the choice of the type of bottle, it should have one of the recommended suffixes (blockage, convection, overag, reflexes). The affixes on unobilenial bottles can be any, we recommend that you use the following set:

Recommended Equipment:

Slot Bottle
1 (Experimental) Ruby Flacon (Iguana)
2 (Experimental) Sulfur Bottle (Walrz)
3 (Chemical) basalt bottle (owls)
4 (Chemical) mercury bottle (cheetah)
5 (Experimental) quartz bottle (Mauren)

If you are going to make vials on your own, read the guide on the crafting of the bottles.


Cluster gems

Cluster gems serve as a source of significant skills that strengthen the damage from the righteous fire. Usually such gems are not very popular, so you will certainly be able to find ideal options without waking up.

Optimal methods for the production of cluster gems and other related issues are considered in the guide on cluster gems.

You will need two medium and one large cluster gem. If you can not find an optimal large cluster, you can refuse one significant skill. Recommended significant skills: Rainbow skill, bright glow. The third skill can be any (there are three possible options that are approximately equal by strength).

Medium clusters must have a bright glow skill, it doesn’t fit into build. You will also come up with a game with death, they give a big bonus to the outgoing damage and a good gain to the speed of health replenishment. One of the meaningful skills of medium cluster gems ** must * be a fire master. As mentioned above, such gems are often found in an inexpensive.

Keeper’s eye

The keeper’s eyes exist in different variations, we recommend that you choose gems with protective characteristics, as health is much more important for you. If you have a resource, you can take a hybrid gem with bonuses to a periodic damage by maliciousness and the speed of health replenishment under the action of liveliness. If resources only have only one modifier, select a liveliness. You can’t kill bosses quickly in any case, and extra 2-3 seconds in battle lasting 20 seconds and no longer play any role.

ordinary gems

Since the outgoing damage directly depends on the amount of health, we strongly recommend that you choose gems with bonuses to the maximum health stock. The following modifiers can also come in handy:

  • +% to the damage from fire
  • +% to damage from burning
  • +% to the multiplier of periodic damage from fire

All three modifiers give an equal addition to the damage, and you can choose any available combination (in particular, stones with two modifiers are often occurring inexpensively).

five. Climbing, Bandits and Pantheon for Conqueror With Righteous Fire in Path Of Exile

climbing (savage -> conqueror)


A protective bonus from the uncomplicated (-5% incoming damage) applies to the righteous fire. In addition, the talent fills 2% of health per second and works fine when pumping. Health regeneration in a percentage of prevented physical damage has dubious value.


The unshakable serves as the main source of endurance charges and actually guarantees the character’s full charge of charges at any time. The effect of talent is enhanced by some passive skills.

[3.17] Righteous Fire Autobomber Build (Huge AoE) - Path of Exile Archnemesis


Unbending is one of two talents of climbing, reinforcing stamina. Increasing the area of ​​action by 6% enhances OE-damage by about 36%, and the increase in damage by 8% for the charge of endurance gives approximately 5% of the total damage. Unbending is an excellent talent that fully justifies the attachment.


Inappropriate is usually taken as last of all, as it is, despite its high efficiency, is used mainly in the Uberlabe (for neutralizing damage from traps and Izaro). Inappropriate gives the conqueror protection against natural damage and chaos resistance. Both are almost unattainable other ways, so the last two talent components are valued very high. The same applies to the first component, which reduces the incoming physical damage by 6%.


For a puncture with kidnapping of essence, the option is only one – to help Eramira and kill all the gangsters. None of the effects of gangsters are worth two skills.


Senior gods

The best option is Arakali’s soul. It reduces the incoming periodic damage (including the righteous fire). The character has pretty high indicators of protection against physical and fiery damage, so the main threat to it is a direct damage from cold and lightning.

younger gods

We recommend that you choose the soul of the yugule to effectively counter the curses.

improvement of pantheon talents

For a conqueror with righteous fire, improving the talents of the pantheon does not matter. Improve the rest of the talents if you have a strong need to do more.

Pantheon talents are improved using Divine vessels in the mother of the motherboard when activating maps with the necessary bosses. After the murder of the boss and the capture of his soul, a filled divine vessel should be attributed to sin to Orihy.

6. Pumping the conqueror with righteous fire in Path Of Exile

We recommend that you begin pumping with righteous fire so that at the maximum level you did not have to explore the build anew. If you want to ride as quickly as possible, read the following guides:

  • Hyde on unique subjects for pumping will help you pick up equipment for pumping.
  • Hyde for pumping for beginners contains answers to the most common questions arising from those who are just starting to play PoE.

To take righteous fire, it is necessary to pump up to about 25 levels. Pumping with righteous fire is considered effective, however requires the active application of bottles. If you play the trade league and do not want to use the vials, buy cheap unique design items. If you play in the solo league or at the beginning of the league, you can take the righteous fire later or rolling in some other build.

pumping up to 25 levels

First, create a savage in the desired league. At the first level, we recommend that you pumped with two-handed weapons and the skill of piercing spikes.

  1. Piercing spikes
  2. Damage fire
  3. injury
  4. Physical Damage of Middle Fight

If you have already reached the second act, take the ashes of the ashes and the pistenc. Do not forget to improve weapons as new levels have been received!

Righteous fire

If you play the trade league, buy the items below. They will cost you cheap (no more than one sphere of chaos \ – but, of course, not in the first days).

  • Spring sheet
  • Creator’s seed / Copy of the fad of ATZIRI (Fader is more expensive, but definitely better!)
  • Claw

If you manage to buy all this, you can safely swing with tide resistance. In this case, after the end of the pumping for the change of skills, about 10 years of repentance will leave (in order to get rid of amplification for the clearable, automatically replenishing health). Without unique items, it will be more complicated without unique items, and you will have to fill out health with bottles (this option is considered non-optimal).

Of course, you will also need 75% of fire resistance. This value can be typed by adding items the necessary modifiers (+ 18% of fire resistance) on the workbench.

Pump the cliche of perseverance as much as possible and tie it to the left mouse button. In this case, the skill will be applied by Culdown when moving. By the time of switching to the righteous Fire, the cry compensates about 800 units of health per second. In the presence of the above-mentioned unique items, the righteous fire causes about 100 units of damage per second, and the cry, enhanced by passive skills, is triggered every 4.5 seconds. Thus, in the intervals between the clics, the character loses about 450 units of health. Clence compensates 800 units of health, so the health level of the character never falls below 70%.

Passive skills to enhance the clique are listed here. Pumping with righteous fire will probably enjoy all, including beginners. We strongly recommend that you try! Starting from 25 levels, sets of stones should look like this:

  1. Cliche resistance
  2. Righteous fire
  3. Mentorticity
  4. Concentration of elements
  5. Damage from burning

If you get the equipment with intelligence, be sure to wear it. As soon as you get enough intelligence, you can add a scorching ray to setup.

  1. Bumping beam
  2. Damage from burning
  3. Concentration of elements

After that, try to get the equilibrium of elements and spontaneous overload as soon as possible, and then take the storm storms and the increase in critical strikes.

  1. Stamp storm
  2. The increase in critical strikes

Make sure that no object of equipment adds to your attacks damage from fire. Otherwise, the stormy storm will apply fire damage and increase the resistance of monsters of fire by 50%.

7. Conclusion

We believe that the game must first bring the player’s pleasure. If you think that build for some reason you do not fit, boldly change it to your needs and do not forget to share with us the most successful options. We will be happy to learn something new from you!

_ Questions remained? _ We want our guides bring the maximum benefit to the game community. If you think that we missed something, ask a question in the comments, and we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

We wish you good luck in the game and many, many elevations. See you!

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