The new update 1.5 to Cyberpunk 2077 finally raised the game on the state in which the developer team actually wanted to publish the sci-fi adventure. But where a lot of new content is, there are usually some technical problems.

Many players have probably hit particularly hard, which wanted cyberpunk 2077 to play on their PlayStation. Who owns the disk version of the game, can have problems on PS4 to start the title at all.

Disk version of CyBerpunk 2077 does not start PS4

What is the problem? Since the update 1.5 has been released, the disk version of CyBerpunk 2077 can not be started with some players.

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CD Projekt RED Developer Livestream (Cyberpunk 2077)

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What is done against it? Sony will publish a system update for the PS4 during the day, which should fix the error. The problem seems to be on the console itself. So if you are affected, you do not have to probabilize you too long. The fact that Sony launches a system update for just one game shows clearly how many players seem to be affected.

All contents of Update 1.5 to Cyberpunk 2077 can be found in our disk version summary:

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Also PS5 version is causing problems

But the disk version is not the only problem child to release update 1.5, because the upgrade to the PS5 version is causing some problems. Many affected reported that a PS5 upgrade was not possible or they could not start the game. It should be blamed, among other things, the region code of the game.

Who manages to start the PS5 version, can look forward to many innovations that summarizes the right trailer:

If you have not been involved in the upgrade to the PS5 version and try to try it yourself, whether the upgrade works smoothly with you, you should read our step-by-step instructions. This can not do anything wrong during installation.

Do you have the same experiences with the disk version of Cybepunk 2077?