Users of eBay classifieds should take care of eight. Scammers now even sign up via WhatsApp.

Dortmund – On eBay classifieds have been driving around for years of scammers. However, the stitches of the rip-off are becoming ever three, so that now the police warn against a special payment function, as Users * reports.

Fraud mesh on eBay classifieds: With this stitch, Schweller Zocken consumers

Buy second hand, is currently more popular than ever , it also knows . Now scammers are doing again their misrepresentation on eBay classifieds – this time with a new success idea.

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According to, those affected are not contacted via the online classified advertising portal itself, but about the messenger-service WhatsApp. The mobile number for this will find the criminals in the respective sales profiles of their victims.

About the popular app send the rip-off messages in which you pretend great interest in the inserted products. You specify that you want to make the purchase via the payment method “Pay safely” by eBay classifieds *. As soon as the sellers agree to the option, the criminals send a link, but the users should not click on anyway.

Fraud on eBay classifieds prevent: Why sellers should not go on the deal

Namely, you should specify the data of the credit card via the link, but the money will never arrive – at least not with the seller. Instead, exploits from abroad and the victim makes great losses instead of a good deal in the worst case (more service news * at Users).

Therefore, consumers should be particularly careful and in alert. In order not to get into the catches of the scammers, but users of the portal can easily protect themselves with some tricks.

Fraud on eBay classifieds: How users can protect themselves in front of the nasty rip-off

Prior to the new stitches of supposed prospects, users can protect themselves by never clicking on by-shiped links. Also sensitive data should not be passed on to foreigners, because that can go wrong quickly.

In the past, the sales portal itself was also warned against vans . Now the police Berlin points out that eBay classifieds will not ask anyone to enter the credit card details. _ Users and are part of the editorial network of Stip.Media._

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