Apex Legends players have been know for some time that Loba’s ultimate ability, Black Market boutique, can be used to destroy a Wraith portal if it is placed directly on it. Recently, the players discover that they are not the only one with an unusual counter for a Wraith portal in Apex Legends. Both Revenant and Maggie can also use their skills to get rid of Wraith’s dimension crack.

Reddit User, Rossbobeplänchen ‘, someone who is known to find interesting mechanics and disturbances in Apex Legends, reveals that Revenants Todestotem can be used in the same way as Lobas Schwarzmarkt boutique to destroy a Wraith portal. All you have to do is use the ability to use and place the Todestotem in the same place as the portal.

With the revelation that a different legend can counteract the portals of Wraith, Redditors appeared in the comments to share their findings about the rest of the list of Apex Legends.

Interestingly, it looks as if the latest face of Apex legends would be the only other legend that can fight it. If you throw Maggies Wrecking Ball into an open Wraith portal, it seems that it is destroyed there on the way. Reddit user ‘Artur09yt’ has shared a clip in action – though it looks more like a gameplay bug than a deliberative counterpart.

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Unusually, Wattson’s fences and interception pylon have no influence on Wraith’s portals. There are no indications that the gas mines of Caustic, the rope slide of Pathfinder or the fences of Rampart have any impact.

It is an unusual counter, and who knows if he is supposed to be one, but Wraith is one of the most popular legends in our ranking of Apex Legends and regularly one of the most frequently selected legends at all levels of Apex Legends mode ranking. To know how to break your portals, will be more practical than you might think.