Henry Cavill had a great day at Warhammer World last week. Game Workshop has launched a new Henry Cavill video enjoying the views in Warhammer World, an interactive exhibition at the company’s headquarters in Nottingham, England. First we report that Cavill had visited Games Workshop last week, but the new video shows much more from Cavill wearing very happy as he enjoys one of his passions. Cavill not only traveled studies at the Games Workshop headquarters (possibly filming new content for the company’s Warhammer + transmission service), also reviewed the elaborate dioramas, tested a lethal-looking sword and inspected the details of some of the miniatures Painted professionally. and figures on display on the site. You can see the full video below:

Henry Cavill talking about Warhammer 40k

Cavill has become a kind of unofficial ambassador of 40,000 warfare, _ the miniature war set in which two armies free an endless war with each other with the help of multiple rules books and a large collection of dice of Six faces. Cavill has often spoken about his love by Warhammer, even enduring Graham Norton’s teasing as he spoke on the side of the fans painting. He used the blockade of Covid-19 to catch up with his army painting (he plays adepttes custodes, for those who ask themselves). Cavill has even been mocked to get involved in a Warhammer project, once noticing that it looked like a younger version of the Emperor of Humanity….Worning that the emperor became a living corpse connected to a massive supercomputter who needed to consume the souls Of a thousand people a day to avoid real death.

Since Cavill opened his way to be elected as the protagonist of The Brujo (another exciting project for the British actor), we can only suppose that his agent already has the phone number of any study with some type of option for a war! draft. Given the love of him by PC Games, we are honestly surprised that he has not made a voice acting for one of the many game, although that could be because he already has a tight agenda.