It would be a sweet euphemism to say that the Digimon game projects do not have such fluid way as those of a certain franchise that has just announced the release of its third major game in the space of 12 months.

Project initially announced in 2018 for an exit in 2019 but constantly postponed since, Digimon survive is the symbol of the difficulties of the franchise, which had started well the previous generation with the success of Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth. During the Digimon Con 2022 which took place last weekend, Bandai Namco took the time to evoke these delays while offering a new trailer that the publisher will make an undoubtedly soon. It is centered on the main characters in history, transported to a reminder in a kind of alternative dimension populated by monsters during their school trip in the middle of nature.

Exploration in the traditional sense still does not seem to the program: the game is a mix of textual adventure point & click and tactical clashes in turn, with a proportion of 70% for narration and 30% for The fighting, knowing that only the main passages of the story will be doubled. “The course of the adventure part is to adjust your equipment to win battles, as well as to train and prepare your Digimon in combat, while raising them upgraded in free battles. Four levels of difficulty will be available for Combats “, explained the producer Kazumasa Habu.

A history and darker themes for an audience of young adults

The latter adds that technology will also play a role in history and mechanics, including observing the surrounding area through the camera of its smartphone, a reflex that amateurs of augmented reality have probably already in the blood. “I decided to portray Digimon as a form of life of another world that can be identified and with whom one can communicate thanks to the digital gadgets of the human world”, notes the producer, who also promises a story a little Darker than usual, the game aimed primarily with young adult fans.

Digimon Survive Release Date Confirmed!? | New Digimon Con Trailer and Schedule!
Puque the Digimon are described as part of the interior of everyone, there are dark things that we do not usually see in conventional digimon works, as denying the Digimon by refusing Watch in front, or hurt the Digimon in a form of self-harm. Be warned that if you are a fan of anime or other Digimon works, you risk finding some unpleasant descriptions, “he says. By adding to that the presence of a system of relational affinity and the fact that each character seems associated with a particular creature, we understand that the shadow of Persona does not seem far.

Kazumasa Habu also explained that the delay of the game is the consequence of a change of development studio. Instead of being developed by Witchcraft, it is the Hyde Studio (Rune Factory 5) that took over the game, as indicated by the official website of Bandai Namco. In this context, we understand that the publisher now prefers to wait until the last moment before progratulations on a new release date. “_Heeping, thanks to the efforts of the new development team, we are now able to get us back on the rails and we are getting closer and closer to the end of development.”, Commented on the producer.

It is also learned that the history of Digimon survives will be cut into 12 chapters and that the player will be confronted with a junction of three roads from Chapter 8: Moral, Harmony and Anger. According to the producer, it would take between 80 and 100 hours to see all the roads and the entire secret content. Finally, it is announced that a selection of 113 monsters can be trained.


DIGIMON SURVIVE – Introductory Kinematics

The next Digimon Story is still in development

The antenna time devoted to the next Digimon Story was much shorter. It’s just if we can confirm that this title announced in December 2017 and last mentioned in September 2018 is still developing. Successor of the pretty commercial success was Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth, the game will be an opportunity to reconnect with the Digimonde and find out more about Olympos XII members who will play a central role in history.

Given the difficulties that Bandai Namco meets with the design of new digimon, maybe the salvation of the fans come from the past? This is in any case what the producer Kazumasu Habu suggests by answering a question that focuses more specifically on a possible remake / remill of the Digimon World out of PlayStation in 1999.