If you have been playing Elden Ring since Friday and enjoys your stay in Zwischenland , the chances are good that your journey is not easy to do so. Already a few steps in the open world you will be ridden from a gold knight to Ross in the ground and ground or maybe get into an ambush.

Caution spoiler! The following article deals with an event from the Early Game, but you can first miss it due to the open world. If you do not want to know what it’s about, listen to reading here!

One of the well-known traps from Elden Ring (Buy Now 53,99 € / 50,99 €) is the Teleporter chest , which can encounter the curious discoverers very early in the game. The tricky chest drives quite a Schabernback and ensures secure for welding beads on your forehead. We’ll tell you how you escapes the common teleporter chest and for those who have missed you so far, where you will find them.

Where is the teleporter chest in Elden Ring?

Eastern by place of grace named “The first step” and thus south in Limgrave is a water area, over which the flying Dragon Agyll watches. There you will also find the ruins burned by the dragon, in which not only opponents, but also valuable treasures hide. But beware! Here also hides the dangerous trap.

The ** ruins burned by the dragon are home to several cellars, but with just that chest is guarded by some normal opponents and bite dogs. If you follow the stairs down, you will not get directly to the treasure chest, but you have to fight past five rats through a large room. Then you can open the door to the treasure chamber, where the said chest is located.

Unfortunately, the no valuable object holds ready for you, but a nasty trap. You will be wrapped in white fog and after the warning _ “caught in a transporter trap!” _ Send you the game in a load screen. She finally awakens in a wooden hut in the crystal tunnel of Sellia , in the Middle East of the card. The Dilemma: For the time being, you can not escape via speed: _ “You sits in the trap. You can only travel to a place of grace when you snap on a place.” _

How do I escape from the crystal tunnel of Sellia?

First, it is therefore important to find a place of grace as soon as possible. Steel out of the wooden hut and keep right, so you land on the back of the hut. Then it goes straight ahead and almost directly left into the tunnel. The tunnel continues to pursue until you see the most expanded place of grace. To achieve that you only have to descend a short ladder and can then rest.

But the cave in which the wooden hut is located is peppered with dangerous opponents. Crystalline miner workers and tentacular with ranging attacks do their misrepresentation here and not only stop a lot, but can just defeat you at a low level with few hits.

Who thinks that death is the rescue from this tricky situation, but has deceived: instead of the last place of grace, you awaken back in the wooden hut in the crystal tunnel. To come to the above-mentioned place of grace, so your only chance is to return to Limgrave and leave the nightmare of the crystal tunnel behind you.

But the adventure is not yet over, because despite racing at the place of grace, the game continues to tell you: _ “Traveling to a place of grace from here not possible.” _ The crystal tunnel itself is the problem, because out of caves, Dungeons and dungeons you can not fast travel .

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Luckily, the outcome is only a few steps away. If the place of grace returns to the back and follow the tunnel. After a short time she lands again at the earth’s surface and can travel from here to a place of grace.

voluntarily in the trap?

Particularly adventurous players can look around here, after all, the last place of grace is within reach. Here you can expect the bizarre SUPER of AEONIA and Sellia, the city of the magicians . Both places are definitely worth a trip, but have all sorts of dangers ready and should therefore be explored with caution.

Who adds a variety to the green-gray limgrave or early on extreme challenges , is exactly right here. Because the journey to Sellia is a very nice violence march, therefore, it is also worth the conscious opening of the teleporter chest to visit the map already at the beginning of the game.

However, if you rather tackle it slowly, you should follow our guide and return to the starting area as soon as possible. Finally, Elden Ring is the From Software game with the highest density of newlings and thus inexperienced players in the field of souls title. We wish to succeed in your journey in each case! To home page