Since Friday, Elden Ring has been officially available and many veterans and newcomers are struggling through the open world of the intermediate lands. As it is typical for from software , all sorts of hard chunks are waiting for every corner and numerous bosses make players early in the hell when they are not prepared accordingly.

But that sometimes small opponents can represent the biggest obstacles, now demonstrated the Twitch-Star Asmongold. He too streamed the blockbuster already and met a flying enemy, where he just did not want to see a country. His desperate fight against a dragonfly should have grasped many viewers.

ASMONGOLD delivers amusing duel against an insect

It is a fight between David and Goliath, only that the dragonfly is David and clearly has the upper hand. The winged opponent is far too fast for Asmongold: _ “No! Come on, come here! Jesus! Will you take me up to my arms? Look at it! That’s incredible! That’s – I walk away, I can do this Just do not defeat. “_

While the dragonfly swirls in an affinity to the annoyed streamer, the desperately tries to catch her with his hatchway. But Asmongold remains unsuccessful until the end and finally gives up, very much for the amusement of his viewers and the internet. After a short time you made fun of the dragonfly fight on Twitter.

In response to the clip Asmongold was amused there: _ “Belowed media show this clip again and not as I defeat every boss with a punch.” _ The Twitter channel of OTK Network did not take it, on this tweet with the Gif to answer a dragonfly and _ “Boo!” _ To write. Certainly Asmongold can laugh about the incident itself.

Elden ring and the technology: first solutions

If you already travel the world of Elden Ring exactly like Asmongold, but you Technical Problems Nerves, we may have the first solutions for you. At Reddit, players have already collected, which has helped them against Ruckler and Performance Problems and for a better gaming experience, it is safe to try a lot.

There are also mods for removing the FPS border on the PC as well as specially optimized for the ELDEN ring AMD driver for the corresponding graphics cards. Despite the technical problems on the PC and marginally on the consoles, Elden Ring is a real masterpiece that you should not miss. Why we see this, our test reveals the title.

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