Atlas has published the commentary videos of “Persona 4 De Ultimax Ultra Suprex Hold (P4U2)” Remastered Videos on February 28th. Commentary Videos “Take me to the ring! Snowko princess’ P4U2” Challenge! (Front and forth), support Rollback Net Code in the online match of this work. It seems that comfortable online match is possible.

“P4U2” appeared, “Persona 4 The Golden (P4G)” appears, and it is a fighting game that depicts the story after the main part. The stage of “P4U2” “Persona 4 De Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena (hereinafter P4U)” is a few months after the ending of “P4G”.

In Inaba City, Mayonaka TV was flowing again somehow. At the same time as the broadcast of Mayonaka TV, the fellow of the Self-proclaimed special investigation team is disappearing one after another, and the protagonists are again in the television to face abnormal situations. It will fight with the mysterious fighting program “P-1 Grand Prix” that was broadcast on Mayonaka TV. Not only “Persona 4” but also “Persona 3” characters also appeared. The main characters were drawn a story that chased the mystery of the program and approaching the black screen’s true identity. In the sequel “P4U2”, red mist occurred in Inaba City. The protagonists are fighting to save the captured companions on the real world.

On the other hand, in “P4U2” as a fighting game, 37 is a playable character, including members of a self-proclaimed special investigation team or a shadow type character. As a game system, there is a mechanism for connecting combo in a row. Auto MODE, which is switched to automatic operation, is also provided in the story mode, and even beginners are easy to play.

In the “P4U2” Remastered version, the resolution of the graphic is improved as you have already improved, and the battle in the latest version of the arcade version is expanded. Many DLCs that have been released in the past, including additional characters, additional BGMs, and the Story of Adachi Points. It is said that all of the copyright is also possible, but almost all DLCs are included.

In addition, in the video, rollback function correspondence in the online match was announced. A rollback function (rollback net cord) is a technology that allows you to fight online with stable operations, difficult to feel delayed. In the conventional delay-based online match, the time taken for communication was solved by delay. Therefore, there were problems such as becoming unstable by line conditions, or a rug of several frames occurred. In the rollback method, screen display and recalculation based on input prediction are performed. This allows you to play more comfortably online with the other person far away from distant distances.

The rollback function of this work is scheduled to be implemented in summer of 2022 for PlayStation 4 / Steam version. In particular, the implementation is decided in a manner that responds to expectations from overseas users.

“P4U2” Remastered version will be released on March 17 for PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / PC (STeam). The price is PLAYSTATION 4 / Nintendo Switch version, tax included 3278 yen, and STEAM version is tax-included 2980 yen. Also commented Videos “Take me to the ring! Yukiko Hime’s” P4U2 “Challenge! (Front and Well), etc., the characteristics and matches of this work are introduced.

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