1. Elden Ring in Koop mode – so you play together

  2. Multiplayer password and group password

  3. Why do the surrounding reserves serve?

  4. How do invasions work?

  5. Balance disadvantages as Invader

Elden Ring Online Coop Guide: How To Play With Friends | How To Coop, Invite, Summon - Multiplayer
Elden Ring again offers a coop mode for shared adventures and rambles by intermediate land. We offer you tips on call signs, invaders, boss fights and or the group and multiplayer passwords. As soon as you start the game, you will find the first, important multiplayer item with the rinzlige finger of the stained. Hereby your messages are made up of prefabricated text modules or gestures, which are then also read in the game world of other elden ring players. Once you reach the surface in LimGrave from the cemetery of the stranded to the surface, your linker will find a small statue with an item from the place of grace. Here you will find the little golden statue. What the surrounding reserve means what the statue differentiates from the golden finger and much more, we explain to you in this guide. Incidentally, we recommend our guide to Elden Ring, which facilitates the game start.

Elden Ring in Koop mode – so you play together

The necessary items and tools for joint exploration tours and boss fights in Elden Ring can be found very early in the game. With the stained krumfinger, you leave a sign on the floor. So that your Koop partners can see the sign, he uses a Krumfinger medicine. In the multiplayer menu, you also define passwords that connect you to friends. Source: pcgames.de For this we recommend that you buy the tool set immediately at the first dealer at the Church of Elleh. Thus, medicine can be made very easily from two earth leaflets. The earth leaflets shimmer orange and can be found in the complete grassland. Make sure that you should not use your horse in the coop mode. In addition, your area bosses do exclusively in the world of the host.

The game world is partially limited in co-op mode with fog walls, but not as strong as in Dark Souls. So you can do caves, small dungeons, boss fights but also the open world along with all the hazards together. If you arrive at a nebtor and do not get on, the border just traverses alone and appoint you again. Just use the finger separator for the home sending of a friend. Pay attention to boss fights in Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.99 € / 50.99 €) On the fact that opponents own more HP, the more friends their dazoe. As a supporter in the game world of your friends, you are always rounded off – only half of your medicinal bottles available. If you have successfully defeated the area boss together, all surviving helpers receive a rune arc as well as part of runes as a reward. Incidentally, Koop friends always spawn as orange-yellowish phantoms, Invadades appear in red color.

Multiplayer password and group password

A multiplayer password sets her in Elden Ring via the menu. Selects the point multiplayer and then sets a password. In the future, you will see only call signs of players with the same multiplayer password. With group passwords, you increase the probability, surrounding reserves should enable you if you want to offer your help via Golden Statue. Source: pcgames.de News, bloodlons or call signs of other players with the same password. These markings are highlighted in comparison with others with a circle. In addition, you will be informed about some events in the world that are executed by group members over some events in the world. If you have set both a multiplayer and a group password, the multiplayer password is given priority to group passwords.

Why do the surrounding reserves serve?

In Elden Ring, small statues, the so-called surrounding reserves find. These are collection points that you want to activate. If you now use the Item Small Golden Statue somewhere in the game world, you will be willing to help on an arbitrary statue in your proximity. Your sign is sent to several of these places. Your presence is not required there. However, pay attention to deleting your multiplayer password if you do not specifically play with friends.

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How do invasions work?

The Krumfinger des Duellant can be found in Limegrave approximately at this point. Rides from the hut of the warmaster to the north to the half-round building near the big bridge. Defeat the NPC Invader here and get the item. Source: pcgames.de Single player in Elden Ring have an advantage: They are only invased by NPCs – not from other players. But as soon as you are traveling with friends in the coop, it is possible for other players to invade. Invaders are warned that they always meet at least two opponents. To start an invasion, you use a bloody pus finger. Similarly, you will find the Krumfinger of the dueling in LimGrave. This leaves a red call sign at any point. Players can also actively summon themselves in their world for a duel to trigger a desired meeting. The small red statue works much like the Golden – it sends a call sign to several nearby surrounding reserves.

Balancing disadvantages as Invader

As Invader in Elden Ring, you have the disadvantage that you can only fall into worlds with the bloody pus finger, in which at least two or even more players are active. So you can always see a major overview in this case. So you will not be attacked by monsters or bosses in the invasor. So you move in areas where the host and friends meet resistance from the game world. It uses on top of that the Item Bloody Phantom Finger (ten pieces in the inventory per invasion). This can be teleported to a local spawn point when using. This uses either to catch up to the host or to save you from a balance.

For the twin boys in the table-resistant you will find a blue as well as white ring for sale. Both items cost 1,000 runes. With the white ring you call for help in case of invasion, the blue ring offers help. Supporters called through the blue ring appear as blue phantoms. Later you still receive the spot tongue, so you also invaders invaders in your world – even several. So if you are looking for a challenge, uses the item that also picks up the temporal cooldown between two invasions.

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