If you have dared past the opening areas of Elden Ring, you will probably be particularly confronted with fatal status diseases Scarlet encounters in Caelid . This disease works much like poison, but builds up incredibly fast and withdraws your health over time. In order to survive the dangers of Caelid, they need effective protection, not just equipment, but also remedies to eliminate this disease. Continue reading for our guide How to Remove Scarlet In Elden Ring!

Elden Ring: How to remove scarlet

How to Remove Scarlet Rot Elden Ring
Scarlet can either be cured with boli preserve or the “flame, clean me” summon, and you get 5 of the boli at the hut of rotting exactly where you enter Caelid from LimGrave. In addition, you can make further conservative boli by geting the cookbook of the Weaponsmith (6) that you will find near the cliffs next to the places of grace at the Siofra Riverbank. You will find the summon “flame, clean me” next to the camp of the fire monks north of the Gate Town Bridge and the Artist’s Shack Points of Grace in Liurnia.

The recipe for cooking Boli requires following ingredients:

  • Tow kissed Herba (2)
  • Crystal caves moss (1)
  • Sacramental bud (1)

The use of these objects and evil formulas will prove crucial to the survival of Caelid, especially as the very first enemies to which they encounter, Scharlachrot can transfer them to them. It is advisable to increase and prepare both as it removes deposits and finish the rot. However, we can not promise that they are protected from all the other horrors in the region, so equip them when they want to survive huge oservessers with raptor-like proportions and huge heads.

This is our guide completed How to remove scarlet in Elden Ring! Elden Ring was released on 25 February 2022 for PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S. Be sure to look at our other guides and our review to the game!

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